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Dec 29, 2023
Hello! I am from Australia so some of our cuts are named different I think. I went to the butcher and asked for pork shoulder or butt and they gave me a pork scotch and said it was good for pulled pork.

I’ve had it in the smoker 3.5 hours and it is not reaching a stall yet. It’s 5 pounder and it’s currently sitting at 77 internal. I’ve kept it between 220-250 the whole time other than one point it got way too low and I had to put in more coals. (Still learning, 3rd cook)

Should I just leave it in? Wrap it? I’m having friends over for dinner and I am trying to not disappoint. I thought it was 2 hour per pound so I was expecting it to take 10 hours but I am now not sure!

Any advice is welcome! 🙏
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Internal 77* Celsius? if so then you should be knocking on the stalls door. If you're talking 77* Fahrenheit then you still have a ways to go.

If you're at 77* C, and only a third of the way into your planned 10hr cook. Then I would let it ride naked and forget about wrapping. You can always wrap if you see the need later into the cook.

If you're at 77*F then I would wrap it when you hit the stall.

A pork scotch is a butt, and they all cook a little differently. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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You can up the cooking temp some. If it gets done a bit early, put in a cooler with towels to keep warm.
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Yes the temps are in F. I think it has been in the stall now for 45min, should I wrap it now?thanks for your reply’s
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Hey so I put it in a wrap and added a little apple juice which I think was a mistake because some of it is “mushy” ? My partner says it’s nice but the texture for some of it feels off to me. (He isn’t a meat head like me) hmm. It is feeling a bit better as it’s drying out.

Any tips? Could I put it in a pan and fry it a bit. Eek.

It’s also 1:30pm here and I was expecting it for dinner for friends! Ha!

Any tips for re heating?
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You're at the time where I would call it good on the smoke.
I put it in a pan, foil wrap, (or into a roaster pan with good cover) and move to a 300°F oven and check now and then until it probes tender usually around 205°F and turn the oven off. The heat will hold until dinner time.

Good luck!
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