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  1. S

    Smoker went out during overnight brisket cook - HELP (in-laws in town 🤣 )

    I had a brisket on my smoker for an overnight cook and my smoker cut off in the middle of the night due to a power flicker during a storm that popped up 😡 . Checked the pellet hopper when I got to the smoker and it was still 90% full. Fire pot had been cleaned right before the cook. Grease trap...
  2. D

    !Business help needed. Reverse flow offset size!

    Hey fellow smoking degens. Looking for some advice. What is the size and reasonable price for a commercially viable used reverse flow offset smoker? Something that could handle the needs of a small restaurant. Ideally its trailered to my truck so I can drive to different restaurants and do pop...
  3. O

    New to this, please help. Pork scotch

    Hello! I am from Australia so some of our cuts are named different I think. I went to the butcher and asked for pork shoulder or butt and they gave me a pork scotch and said it was good for pulled pork. I’ve had it in the smoker 3.5 hours and it is not reaching a stall yet. It’s 5 pounder and...
  4. B

    Stove Pipe’s Purpose?

    hey all! I am new to this site/forum and also quite new to smoking in general….I apologize in advance if these questions have obvious answers or are odd. I’m just (over)thinking through the design as I go. I have an outdoor fireplace in my backyard/patio area that is attached to the house. It...
  5. M


    I’m trying to either locate a bottle of Cabela’s beer can chicken rub that was discontinued, or to figure out who is the manufacturer for a Cabela’s dry rubs, so I can potentially buy directly from the manufacturer! Any information would be greatly appreciated! :)
  6. N

    Inherited Smoker help

    Howdy! I have inherited(see: first one that wanted) a smoker from a friend of a family member. Her husband passed a couple years back and is now working on going through his stuff and getting rid of it. One of those was this smoker(pictures attached). I told her I'd take it sight unseen. My...
  7. Ersley

    PANIC - First Time Curing Ham

    Hello everyone, I apologize for making my first post like this, but I am posting this in a complete panic. My husband and I decided to cure and smoke a ham for Christmas. We've smoked many meats before but never cured anything. Long story short, we found a recipe online and the ham has been in...
  8. D

    White dots on freshly made bacon. Is this normal or safe?

    My second time making bacon from scratch. If just pulled it out of the baby and has these small white dots on it. Is this normal or safe to eat?
  9. D

    First timer curing bacon. Have I used too much cure? Help needed

    I have recently prepared some pork belly(1.9kg) with a pre made bacon cure(Misty Valley Maple Bacon Cure). Part of the meat was feeling soft so I ended up adding 10g more cure to it. The instructions on the bacon cure is 40g per kg. In total, I have added 90g of cure To 1.9kg pork. The bacon...
  10. S

    Brisket Finished FAR to Early - Question

    Hi All - New to the forum. I'm not sure if this is the place for this, but I had a few questions around smoking a brisket on a pellet grill. I completed my first attempt a little while back, and while the brisket wasn't bad, it finished far earlier than expected. First thing - equipment. I have...
  11. DirtyPaw

    Upgrade account

    I have been a member for several weeks now. I decided to upgrade but get a message saying my account is limited. I don’t want all the adds popping up obscuring my vision. What is the problem? Maybe 🤔 I have not been a member long enough.
  12. M

    Would love some advice for my current smoke session.

    I have a verticle gas smoker that I use wood chunks for, I am smoking Beef Ribs (thick boys) and a beef brisket, I got them to have a great bark and then wrapped them in butcher paper. I wrapped the brisket at 165-175 degrees and wrapped the beef ribs at 180 degrees. Once I put them back in the...
  13. C

    Help please.

    ETA: outside temp was in the low 20°'s. How should I continue to cook to make sure it reaches desired temp. Do I just monitor internal temp? Hi there! I’m hoping you can help guide me. I put my brisket in an electric smoker last night at 11pm. I woke up to find out the smoker turned off due...
  14. D

    Brisket burgers.!

    I just got my first meat grinder and brisket happened to be on sale this week. I picked up 9 pound brisket. how should I go about about grinding this up? Should I trim some fat off. And if I were to leave it whole what would the ratio be? What spices should I add to the ground burger? any...
  15. B

    Replacing Circuit Board on MasterBuilt smoker

    Quick question. We were having issues with our smoker. Masterbuilt sent us a new circuit board and heating element. We took a pic before we pulled out the old circuit board. This is the one. Notice the blue wire over the white one. The paperwork with the new board says to install with white...
  16. C

    Coals went out overnight

    Good morning! So I started smoking 2 pork butts last night at 9pm and kept the temp between 250 and 300 constantly. Around 2:00 I reset the new coals, got the temp to a constant 250 and went to bed. I overslept a bit and woke up at 6:45 to find the smoker out and temp down to 0. I immediately...
  17. I

    Greetings fellas!

    Hello, not new to burning meats but i would definitely like to continue to step my game up. Currently i have a jerky project going on it i could get some direction on.... Very new to curing meats would like some experienced advice to my wet cure and time i can let it stay in the fridge before...
  18. P

    Rain issues

    Hey guys finally got the smokehouse finished and dialed in exactly as far as the cold smoked process going and keeping that smoke flowing just right My first item I did was quite a large brisket and smoked it at about 90° for 20 hours and I couldn't believe I actually made one of the best...
  19. X

    PB1100psc2 won’t reach temp

    Hello, first time pellet smoker and first time meat smoker. I have smoked ribs, brisket, turkey, and a pork butt. My smoker refuses to keep the temp that the control board is indicating. for example: I set the smoker to 250 and let it go for 30 mins. However the smokers internal temp is 180...
  20. 4


    Anyone familiar with JED MASTER commercial smokers? I lost mine in a fire and am not having any luck finding another one. Mine was 6' tall X 6' wide X 48" deep, Rotisserie, H2O and charcoal. I purchased off another gentleman, it was inside my concession trailer and he tried about 10 years...