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  1. H

    60 Gal Offset build - Technical questions

    Hi SMFs! I've spent the last week or so reading through as many posts here on the forum as I could find. I am at a crossroads in designing my build, and would like to come to the hive mind for help. I followed @daveomak 's calculator to a T, and came up with what I think is a really neat...
  2. R

    4 Briskets for Labor Day

    Hello everyone, I am a chef from New Jersey who is smoking brisket for the first time for a Labor day event for 250 people. Brisket is one of the items on the buffet so I smoked 4, 13-15 lb. briskets to 130 F on the point, and 150 F on the flat for approximately 7 hours at 225-240 F with...
  3. learnintosmoke

    Masterbuilt, Gravity 800 series

    So I want to give a personal experience review of my Masterbuilt gravity 800. I’ve seen a lot of up-and-down reviews of this smoker, and I have to say I’m kind of confused at peoples results. I’ve had mine for about a year and a half. And I use it frequently. I will say that what made me choose...
  4. R

    MAK One-Star General Pellet Grill for Sale

    Three month old MAK One-Star General pellet grill If you’re not familiar with MAK Grills, they are a very well-respected high-end pellet grill manufacturer based in Oregon. Their grills are Made in the USA and very high quality. I purchased this grill directly from MAK in April 2023. I’ve...
  5. anglingvirginia

    Hey everyone

    Hey everyone! New here from VA, Figured I would introduce myself ! I’m John an I have been grilling for a few years, Just introduced a new line to my resume. Just picked up a new Smoker. If anyone has any pointers shoot me a message or something. Thanks everyone an really am going to enjoy my stay!
  6. J

    BBQ Pit Boss PB1230 Smoker (Austin)

    It is new. Prices new low as $700 on the web. Im reasonable on this make offer. 2 Free bags of pellets. Call or text please 512-680-4952.
  7. J

    BBQ Char-Broil model 14201677 smoker (Austin)

    Make offer. It is in very good shape used very few times. Please text or call me 512-680-4952
  8. N

    Inherited Smoker help

    Howdy! I have inherited(see: first one that wanted) a smoker from a friend of a family member. Her husband passed a couple years back and is now working on going through his stuff and getting rid of it. One of those was this smoker(pictures attached). I told her I'd take it sight unseen. My...
  9. B

    Offset Smoker / Pellet Combo

    Hey everyone! Want you're feedback, have a crazy but cool idea! An offset smoker that can also use pellets! Check out pictures below of my idea / design. Very simple design. I'd have some sort of platform or something for pellet assembly to sit on. Main purpose is for overnight smokes or...
  10. Meniscus

    Masterbuilt Portable Charcoal Grill - New Owner w/accessory recommendations for owners (no mods)

    I recently purchased a Masterbuilt Portable Charcoal Smoker and figured I would share some recommendations for other owners. I'll try and keep this brief. 1. Water Pan: For those of you who like to do longer smoking sessions with this smoker, you might have considered how to add a water pan...
  11. J

    My offset smoker project 12/07 - 03/08

    Hi all, Here’s a few pictures of my offset smoker I built, utilizing recycled metal, mainly. The smoker body was leaking rusty water tank from a concrete truck, the 1/4” boiler plate, 6” pipe and some angle iron came from a scrap metal shop ( connections connections) lol I purchased new temp...
  12. G

    Workhorse 1975 pit sale

    Selling my 1975 workhorse smoker. Has top grate and cowboy firebox. On tractor tires. I got it just a few months ago after waiting almost a year after purchase. I’ve smoked on it a few times and it works great. Selling it because I recently inherited a house that needs a lot of work. Need the...
  13. S

    greyish layer on meat

    Hey guys, I am new to this forum. I am a happy owner of a custom built offset, but I have some minor issues/questions. I'm a long time reader of this forum, but I only recently joined and started posting. I have posted another question on 'smoker builds', but wanted to ask a second one here...
  14. S

    Fire does not seem to burn (smokestack question)

    Hey guys. I have a custom made smoker, I will put all the dimensions below as info, together with some pictures. My question to you guys is, why I seem to have trouble keeping my fire lit with my firebox door wide open. When I keep the top door open, my wood burns crazy, but when I close it...
  15. O

    J&R Manufacturing Oyler 700 - For sale - in Sacramento, California

    J&R Manufacturing Oyler 700 for sale in Sacramento, CA. The Oyler 700 cooks over 800 lbs at a time. It runs off of wood and has 14 racks on a carousel inside. This one needs a new electric motor and probably a bit of electrical wiring. Light surface rust on the cooking racks. Also light damage...
  16. R

    First smoker dimensions help

    Hi, I’m having a friend weld me a smoker and was wondering about dimensions, particularly the chimney size. How does all of this look: 16”X36” cooking chamber 16”X12” firebox 40” chimney at 3” diameter 20” opening from firebox to cooking chamber What do you all think? Link to BBQ Pit Calculator
  17. T

    Wiring pid to original mes smoker wires

    Can anyone explain how to wire up the pid to your existing element and wires? I know About wire nutting the 4 wires on the board but wondering how to actually wire up pid to use existing element
  18. T

    Fixing digital display on electric smoker

    Hey everyone. I’m trying to fit a Masterbuilt digital display on to my Cajun injector electric smoker(similar to the mes30 Masterbuilt. Difference is mine has a 7 pin plug for the display and the Masterbuilt display I bought is a 5 pin and seperate 2 pin for the meat probe. I think I have most...
  19. M

    Camp Chef 24" Smoke Vault vs Masterbuilt 40 inch ThermoTemp XL vs OTHERS?

    I am new to smoke products. I grew up on propane and as a new home owner, I only own a 36" Blackstone Griddle and want to get into cooking more food at home; using just a griddle isn't enough. I LOVE smoked flavored foods, so I have been really looking into vertical smokers. I still intend on...