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  1. D

    Pit boss vertical series 5 smoke setting

    Ahoy! New member here... I've got a new pit boss series 5 vertical pellet smoker. My question pertains to the smoke setting on the temp controller should anyone know I've used other pit boss grills in the past which have the "P-setting" smoke temp option on them. My vertical smoker has a smoke...
  2. M

    HELP - Pit Boss 4-1 Electric Smoker Not Getting Above 150

    My Thanksgiving is in danger!!! My Pit Boss 4-1 electric smoker is not getting above 150 degrees. I have a 19lb turkey, the smoker can do up to 20lbs. The temp outside is in the low 40s. The vents are also open and the temp is turned all the way to high. I also have the prob in the breast. I...
  3. M

    Alternative to Assassin 17?

    Hello all! I'm new to smoking and want a dedicated smoker. I considered pellet and kamado grills and while they both look appealing I can duplicate most of what they do in my cast iron skillet and oven. What I can't do inside is smoke, which is why I'm looking for a more specialized piece of...
  4. S

    Need help pricing this smoker

    Please remove if I’m posting in the wrong place, but I recently picked up this smoker from a swap meet in Las Vegas. It has four new wheels, two new temp gauges, new 2,000 degree high heat resistant primer and paint. It’s dimensions are 6 feet long and 2 feet wide, weighs roughly 700 pounds. The...
  5. mondaynitefb

    SOLD-Lang 36" Hybrid Patio Smoker

    Lang 36" Hybrid smoker Greenville, SC $1,000 - ($1,700 brand new) Just over 2 years old. In excellent condition. Covered at all times, except when in use. Great smoker, just do not have time to use it anymore. Stick burner smoker cooker Charcoal BBQ grill Folding prep area Slideout top shelf...
  6. dirtsailor2003

    Going Rogue

    I've had my 14.5" WSM for several years now and have smoked in all kinds of conditions. Never had an issue holding temps. It's really a rock solid smoker that just chugs along. It's been a while since I've bought a new gadget and I was getting the itch, so I finally pulled the trigger on...
  7. andres

    First 80 gallon Reverse Flow build

    Hello everyone! This is my first smoker build ever, I usually bbq in my weber kettle (I live in Mexico) but I wanted to step up the smoking a little bit and found an old 80g propane tank in my shop and thought that it would be a cool project. The tank is around 13/64" thick so I thought I...
  8. smoothbiker

    Avoid humidity to avoid mold

    Hello. I'm originally from Arizona and that's where I started to smoke meats and learned and progressed. Obviously a very dry climate. I've since moved to southern Ohio and where I live it is a very very humid/moist area. I need to buy or build a new smoker for myself. Originally I had...
  9. C

    Building a Smoker

    So I am building a smoker out of an old wood stove and piping the smoke to the 4 x 4 x 4 smokehouse. The stove will be about 14x12x20, should I go with a 6" pipe or a 4" pipe to the chamber??
  10. anthonytlh

    New BBQ Trailer on the way.

    Ok, so I'm fity years old and one of the things I have always wanted is a BBQ Concession trailer. SOOOOO, Here we go. I bought a 22 ft RV camper last week that had been damaged in Michael, drug it up to the house, Trailer itself is what I wanted. Great axels and frame is perfect. Damage was...
  11. thebattman

    Masterbuilt dying - Help me decide next smoker:

    My Masterbuilt MES140S is beginning to show signs of problems (almost 2 years old). Rust around case where door gasket meets case, and randomly quits heating to a temp above 200 degrees. So I've been looking at options for a new smoker (Won't buy another Masterbuilt), and I think I've narrowed...
  12. vfw71109

    Grilla Grills Silverbac Issue with Lid

    Hello everyone, First time posting on here. I just was delivered my Grilla Grills Silverbac. Got it all assembled. I noticed a large gap at the top of the lid. Can somebody tell me if this is normal? See picture attached. Large Lid Gap Silverbac by vfw71109 posted Jul 19, 2019 at 2:26 PM
  13. T


  14. R

    Lang Hybrid Smoker mod question

    I apologize for the length and am fully aware this might be a really bad idea but... Has anyone put a couple of half-moon doors/flaps/pinwheels in the vertical wall between the smoking chamber and chargrill on a hybrid model? One would be on the top half and one on the bottom. This should allow...
  15. G

    Gator Pit Party Gator with Rock's BBQ Stoker included pick up in So Cal

    Gator Pit offset smoker is a few years old but in great condition. It has many extras like Adjustable tuning plates, Charcoal basket with T-plates, Brass ball valve grease drain, ash rake, stoker fan blower adaptor w/ probe vent. Check out the website for all the details...
  16. B

    Using electric smoker with water pan.

    I'm using a brinkman smoke and grill electric smoker. It has a water pan and I'm using a chip box. Do I need to still foil my pork butt when it gets to 160? Or will the water pan keep it moist?
  17. J

    Horizontal Smoker Build

    Hi, I'm brand new here! I'm considering building this smoker from brickwood ovens -https://store.brickwoodovens.com/brickwood-box/installation-manual However, I have two concerns about the design, and would appreciate any feedback from any more experienced pit masters or DIY'ers. 1) The fire...
  18. J

    Best Smoker For Large Batches Of Jerky?

    Hey everyone longtime lurker first time poster here! I am trying to find a smoker that can make large batches of jerky at a time. I'm currently able to fit about 3lbs (before drying) in my smoker but I am about to start selling my jerky at farmers markets and what not and need...
  19. phonedrn8

    Night grilling / Smoking

    Question what kind of lighting set up for your grill smoker ? Looking for something simple and bright. I was thing about getting a torch lamp from el cheap-o. Store
  20. S

    Brinkmann sidewinder

    Hey folks, had anyone heard of a brinkmann sidewinder? I cant seem to find any info on it.
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