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  1. J

    My offset smoker project 12/07 - 03/08

    Hi all, Here’s a few pictures of my offset smoker I built, utilizing recycled metal, mainly. The smoker body was leaking rusty water tank from a concrete truck, the 1/4” boiler plate, 6” pipe and some angle iron came from a scrap metal shop ( connections connections) lol I purchased new temp...
  2. G

    Workhorse 1975 pit sale

    Selling my 1975 workhorse smoker. Has top grate and cowboy firebox. On tractor tires. I got it just a few months ago after waiting almost a year after purchase. I’ve smoked on it a few times and it works great. Selling it because I recently inherited a house that needs a lot of work. Need the...
  3. S

    greyish layer on meat

    Hey guys, I am new to this forum. I am a happy owner of a custom built offset, but I have some minor issues/questions. I'm a long time reader of this forum, but I only recently joined and started posting. I have posted another question on 'smoker builds', but wanted to ask a second one here...
  4. S

    Fire does not seem to burn (smokestack question)

    Hey guys. I have a custom made smoker, I will put all the dimensions below as info, together with some pictures. My question to you guys is, why I seem to have trouble keeping my fire lit with my firebox door wide open. When I keep the top door open, my wood burns crazy, but when I close it...
  5. O

    J&R Manufacturing Oyler 700 - For sale - in Sacramento, California

    J&R Manufacturing Oyler 700 for sale in Sacramento, CA. The Oyler 700 cooks over 800 lbs at a time. It runs off of wood and has 14 racks on a carousel inside. This one needs a new electric motor and probably a bit of electrical wiring. Light surface rust on the cooking racks. Also light damage...
  6. R

    First smoker dimensions help

    Hi, I’m having a friend weld me a smoker and was wondering about dimensions, particularly the chimney size. How does all of this look: 16”X36” cooking chamber 16”X12” firebox 40” chimney at 3” diameter 20” opening from firebox to cooking chamber What do you all think? Link to BBQ Pit Calculator
  7. T

    Wiring pid to original mes smoker wires

    Can anyone explain how to wire up the pid to your existing element and wires? I know About wire nutting the 4 wires on the board but wondering how to actually wire up pid to use existing element
  8. T

    Fixing digital display on electric smoker

    Hey everyone. I’m trying to fit a Masterbuilt digital display on to my Cajun injector electric smoker(similar to the mes30 Masterbuilt. Difference is mine has a 7 pin plug for the display and the Masterbuilt display I bought is a 5 pin and seperate 2 pin for the meat probe. I think I have most...
  9. M

    Camp Chef 24" Smoke Vault vs Masterbuilt 40 inch ThermoTemp XL vs OTHERS?

    I am new to smoke products. I grew up on propane and as a new home owner, I only own a 36" Blackstone Griddle and want to get into cooking more food at home; using just a griddle isn't enough. I LOVE smoked flavored foods, so I have been really looking into vertical smokers. I still intend on...
  10. B

    Gator Pit - Intruder Model - For Sale

    Gator Pit smoker - $2,250 OBO (Round Rock) condition: excellent make / manufacturer: Gator Pit model name / number: Intruder size / dimensions: 48”x24” Custom Built Gator Pit Wait time for these can be more than 12 months. Had this custom built , plenty of use and well seasoned. See...
  11. Daba's BBQ

    Very First Offset Smoker - advice needed

    I just bought my very first offset smoker. Having never used one before, any advice would be appreciated. I saw many videos where folks spray the grates and the entire interior with canola oil and run a "seasoning" fire for a few hours before their first cook. Is this a good idea and do I need...
  12. Daba's BBQ

    Which Temperature Brand/Model Do You Use?

    There are dozens out there - which brand/model are you using to monitor the temps on your rig and your food? BTW - I am not talking about instant-read thermometers. I use a ThermoPro TP28 and this Post pics
  13. Daba's BBQ

    Internal Temperature for Chicken - thoughs?

    TARGET INTERNAL TEMPERATURE FOR CHICKEN* This one took a while for me to adjust to, but now, it's like I've been blind and now can see. We've been taught to cook chicken to 165F, right? This blanket, highly generalized recommendation is so deceitful. Yes, your chicken will be safe to eat. But...
  14. Daba's BBQ

    Happy Father's Day!

    Happy Father's Day to all of the dads out there. This is my Father's Day brisket I made on Saturday. It came out absolutely amazing! This is a 16-pounder and the total cook time was about 14 hours. I took it off the smoker at around 2 pm and let it rest until 6:30 pm. This is how it looked...
  15. Daba's BBQ

    Prepping My Brioster for Father's Day BBQ

    Hey guys. I started prepping my brisket this afternoon for my Father's Day BBQ on Saturday. I picked this up on Wild Fork. It weighed in at 16 1/2 pounds. It took about 20 minutes to trim. I have a nice amount of beef fat that I will render down in a pan during my cook. I'm planning on a very...
  16. Daba's BBQ

    Which Pellet Smoker Do You Own? (poll)

    Camp Chef Oklahoma Joe Traeger Pit Boss Camp Chef Z Grill Weber Masterbilt Other (brand name) Feel free to include the model and when you bought it?
  17. J

    Stainless offset build

    Hey everyone, I'm just starting a Smoker build after coming across some 20" x 3/16" wall 316L stainless pipe at a friends shop. I'm roughly copying the franklin smoker design, with some tweaks to my liking. I know 3/16" is on the thin side for the pipe, but the thermal coefficient of stainless...
  18. S

    Wanted Offset (hopefully) in Northern CA?

    Hi all, I know it’s a long-shot but thought I’d give this a try! Is there any chance you’d want to sell a pre-loved offset with a cooking chamber of ~ 45 inches or more to someone thrilled to be getting more into bbq … up near San Francisco? Would love to run into a Lang, Horizon, Lonestar...
  19. M

    Would love some advice for my current smoke session.

    I have a verticle gas smoker that I use wood chunks for, I am smoking Beef Ribs (thick boys) and a beef brisket, I got them to have a great bark and then wrapped them in butcher paper. I wrapped the brisket at 165-175 degrees and wrapped the beef ribs at 180 degrees. Once I put them back in the...
  20. M

    Refurbished New Brunfels Smoker

    My father in law gave me an old NB smoker, had some rust and wood handles. Shelving pretty bad. I have restored to look like new and added some mods as well. Just wondering how much are these smokers worth to sell in refurbished new condition ? I can post before and after pics later.