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  1. N

    Poor Man Smoker Controller

    I just bought my smoker, have a few cooks on it, and don't have the control I want. The smoker cost about $250 and I am trying to not turn it into a $750 smoker. I want to do a mod to give me better temperature control. I have looked at this post PID Controller, and for my network it would...
  2. N

    Smoker forum

    So, I'm new here and was wondering if there is a place where us new people, or even not so new people, can ask or find information about specific smokers. I bought a cheap smoker to get started, a smoke vault 18, and will be upgrading in the future and would like to see what others have...
  3. H

    Selling 6 months old Kamado Joe Big Joe 2 - $1,500 (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

    Selling my precious Kamado Joe as we have to move to a new city.... Model: Kamado Joe Big Joe 2 BBQ Smoker/Grill I bought for $2300 including shipping and tax on April 2021 (only 6 months ago). Almost new. Lifetime warranty on parts. I will provide everything that I own for this grill. -...
  4. N

    Simple rib smoking tutorial

    I have been grilling ribs for years, most not coming out great. I am looking to step up my game, starting over would best describe where I think i am at. I am ordering a smoker this afternoon and want to find a simple rib smoking tutorial that will just go over the basic process. I want to...
  5. R

    Help me idetify this New Braunsfels smoker?

    Its going for dirt cheap, just need to know if it's worth it or not?
  6. M

    Higher Gauge Steel Smokers

    Hey y'all. I am looking for a thicker gauge steel (<10gauage) pellet smoker to purchase. In the running are: Royall RG1000 Yoder YS480s Smokin Brothers “24” Premier PLUS BBQ Grill Gator Pit 2032 I am familar with competition smoking, but not with pellet grilling. I am looking for a personal...
  7. The Jackal

    Aloha from Oahu

    Long time browser/follower... first time poster. Grew up in FL and TN and have been smoking since I was a teenager. Military brought me to Hawaii and loved it so much decided I couldn't leave. So here I sit, soaking up the surf and sun and good weather and needed something to make my BBQ side...
  8. ald73008

    Smoked Cheese, 10yr evolution, self-built

    When I first learned of cold smoking, I was intrigued. My buddy has a big smoker and does brisket, turkey etc, so I wanted to bring something different to the table. Tired of paying inflated prices for fake spray on flavored cheese at the store, I wanted to see if I could do it. I made my first...
  9. A

    Are there ever any Pit Barrel Cooker sales?

    I’m thinking of picking up my first smoker and I 100% would like to buy the Pit Barrel cooker (or perhaps the junior as only family of 4). Before clicking ‘purchase’ I was just wondering if Pit Barrel Cooker Co. have a history of doing any sales/deals over the summer? Is it likely they would...
  10. Z

    Stopped smoking at 165

    Ran my smoker at 215 regress. 7lbs brisket. Internal temps went up to 165 degrees. Turned off the smoker for 2 hours (had to leave). Temps drop to 95 degrees. Can I still smoke it or toss it? Cheers
  11. S

    Insulating year-round?

    Hey all. New guy here. Been lurking a couple of days and figured it was time to join the commentary. I'll ask my question first and then give some more info for those who don't want to read my life story below... is there any benefit/harm to insulating your smoker year-round instead of only...
  12. S

    Smoke Stack placement- advise needed

    Hey All, so i'm modifying my drum smoker. it's a horizontal drum and i'm moving the chimney. at the moment, it's at the top on the side. and i'm planning on moving it as per the below. the current location is really not feasible and it needs to be customised. so the template in the image...
  13. S

    Help. What steel to use?

    Hey all so I need to pick your brains regarding steel choices. Steel choices so I’ve been in contact with several steel suppliers here in the uk and I’ve been able to source 1/4” steel. Black Mild Steel Sheet But now I’m being offered black mild steel sheet, which as I understand is hot...
  14. D

    Smoked Ribeye Roast Temperature Difficulties

    Today i’m smoking an 8lb ribeye roast. I’m smoking it at 275-300 on a Weber Kettle. I assumed it would take around 4 hours but I’m at around 2.5 hours and it’s only at 72 degrees. At this rate it’ll take another 3 hours. Does anyone know why this is occurring and how to fix it? I was planning on...
  15. Z

    Brand New Cookshack FEC240 Pellet Smoker

    I have a brand new Coockshack FEC240 that was purchased directly from Coockshack, still in the original crate for sale. This is my second unit that I was going to install on a trailer, but decided to go a different direction. I need the room in my garage, this is a steal!!!
  16. S

    Oil drum smoker help needed

    Hey all. UK bbq here. Now I’ve got myself an oil drum bbq that I used as a smoker over the weekend. Did a cracking ribs recipe which was a winner using “madscientistbbq” YouTube. But I struggled burning a clean fire as there’s not a huge amount of air getting in even though I’ve got a vent...
  17. L

    What model GMG is this?

    Inherited this smoker from my father-in-law a couple months ago. I know it's a Green Mountain Grill brand, and it looks like an old version of their Daniel Boon. It doesn't have any digital display or anything and I'm trying to find out what exactly the modes do. Smoke, Medium, and High. I mean...
  18. bowserx69

    Masterbuilt MES 440s (Gen 4)

    Hi all! I'm new to smoking, I just got the Masterbuilt MES 440s (Model #: MB20077419) as my first one. I grabbed it on sale at Dick's and couldn't pass it up for $249 when I noticed it retailed for 3x that much. However I'm running into problems when I have questions about it. I'm looking to...
  19. 4


    Anyone familiar with JED MASTER commercial smokers? I lost mine in a fire and am not having any luck finding another one. Mine was 6' tall X 6' wide X 48" deep, Rotisserie, H2O and charcoal. I purchased off another gentleman, it was inside my concession trailer and he tried about 10 years...
  20. L

    smoker recommendation for low-temp sausage smoking?

    New to the forum here! So please excuse me if I posted this in the wrong place. I have been making fresh, unsmoked sausage for more than 20 years, and I think I'd finally like to get a smoker. I MAY hot-smoke some, but my main goal is to poach and then cold-smoke. I have done a lot of...
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