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pork butt

  1. thirdeye

    Overnight Pork Butt ~ Smoked In A Pan ~ Hot Finish & Holding in Roaster Oven

    I hadn't smoked a butt in a foil pan in several years, and I've been wanting to experiment with wrapping and hot holding in my roaster oven.... so this was a Saturday / Sunday experiment. I started with an 8# bone-in butt and I did minimal trimming, mostly little tags of meat and rounding up the...
  2. YeOldeBrisket

    Extremely Fast Cook Times on Brisket & Butt with Insulated Cover - Can Dinner be Saved?

    Hi Folks, I'm seeing something pretty strange with my pellet smoker. I put a 9.5lbs butt and 12lbs brisket on my smoker at 225 and in just 7.5 hours, temps are 178 on the pork and 193 on the brisket (temp taken on the flat). Neither were wrapped. I've never seen cook times anywhere near this...
  3. Electric Rookie

    How to get bark or heavy smoke flavor on Old Smokey Electric Unit?

    Newbie here. I just purchased an Old Smokey electric smoker. There are no vents or air flow. I smoked a butt at 225 for 11 hours. Wrapped it around 170 in foil. Threw it in a cooler once the temp hit 203. Is it possible to get a good bark or a heavy smoke flavor on this device? The meat was...
  4. thirdeye

    Sliced Coppa Roasts with Lamb Ribs

    Here is a recent cook featuring Coppa roasts, aka Money Muscle end roasts which are on the top of a pork butt. I cooked another pair of these for my Labor Day TD entry, but these are from the BOGO pork butts I recently posted about. I really like sliced pork shoulder and these roasts are...
  5. MABulous

    Cooking Time for Multiple Pieces of Meat

    Quick question for the experts: smoking time for one 18lb piece of pork butt vs two 9lb pieces. Am I calculating by 18lbs or 9lbs (on the assumption that they are spaced far enough apart for air circulation)?
  6. thirdeye

    Porkstrami ~ Round Two

    In mid-May I posted about a Porkstrami cook where I used the @daveomak injection technique he designed for shoulder and loin 'hams' then used a modified Pop's Brine as a covering brine.... so a combination cure to produce 'corned' pork butt. I took the corned pork butt, seasoned it with my...
  7. thirdeye

    Porkstrami ~ Using A Jazzed-Up Version Of Pop's Brine On Boneless Pork Butt

    In a conversation a couple of months ago about porkstrami I tossed out the idea of using an injectable cure similar to the @daveomak technique of making ham. Dave brought up the idea of using beer in the brine :emoji_thumbsup:. For this test run I combined Dave's ham injection technique with...
  8. B

    Mother’s Day “Pork-Folio”

    Made this awesome 10lb’er for the ladies in my life. Took 13hrs at 245 degrees.
  9. matuz

    Share your Green Mountain Grill Pork butt Profile?

    I am going to throw a butt or...two actually....on my Daniel Boone Sunday night, hoping to wake to some delicious pulled pork for lunch on Monday. I was looking at the profile to smoke pork on my GMG App, and was wondering if anyone had toyed around created one and and would want to share? I...
  10. B

    Finally got a smoker

    After weeks of using a smoke box on my Weber, I finally got a smoker. I went with the Rec Tec 340. Breaking her in today with a pork butt!
  11. gimmeharmony

    Overnight Pork Butt Heater Meter Vision Grill QView

    Injected a pork butt with some peach nectar and a little rub. Using Jeff's rub. Threw it in last night and going low and slow at 225°. It is holding steady so far and we are in the stall. Temps are very mild in Worthington, OH. 67° right now.
  12. reformedvegan

    Help me with my first pork butt?

    First time with a real long cook on a big piece of meat. I got a 9 lb. pork butt at the store yesterday. I'm planning to serve it at 5:30 p.m. tomorrow. I plan to cook this on my Pit Boss 700s. My understanding is: mustard and cover w/rub let rest in fridge for 12 hours fill pellet cooker...
  13. Jclear

    My First Pork Butt Cook - Pics and Details

    I made a plan and have been taking notes since I started this cook, last night at 10:30. I have some pics and I'll list out details like I did in the notes I took. I'll be honest, I've had some trouble with this cook, especially keeping my fire going and hot. I'm not sure if it's something...
  14. K

    SmokeRx - the first large scale test

    I recently finished the build for my cold/hot smoker which my son-in-law thinks looks like a hospital crash cart so we named it SmokeRx. This last weekend my daughter and wife asked me to cook brisket and pulled pork for an event they were hosting for 150 people. Seemed like a good challenge...
  15. tropics

    Spanish Chorizo

    Found a small 5 lb. Pork Butt in the freezer on Wed, so Friday I de-boned & ground it. Pork Butt Used the KA to mix trying to keep my hands from aching Stuffed on Sunday This was 5 pounds On to today put them in the oven for an hour to dry the casings Set the smoker to 150°F in they went 3...
  16. Misplaced Nebraskan

    Pork 3 Way! With Pics...

    Happy New Year Y'all! We had a small shindig so I decided Pork Butt would be a quick easy cook. Then I decided I wanted more Pork Belly and that lead to also wanting to try the Pork Belly Braid, cause why not!? The following ensued... Cook Details: Date: 12/31/19 Meat: Pork Butt (Bone In)...
  17. GreytQ

    Pork Butts on sale at Aldi ($0.85/lb)

    Aldi has boneless pork butts on sale for $0.85 a pound now through Tuesday, October 15. 2019. Check the weekly ad for your local store to make sure they are participating. https://www.aldi.us/en/weekly-specials/our-weekly-ads/ We picked up two, each in the 6# range. One is in "freezer camp"...
  18. TxwrightxT

    Pork butt on the Old Smokey

    Well I’m back at it this week! Trying out a pork butt today. Hopefully I’ll have some delicious pulled pork for dinner tonight! Does it matter what you run in your drip pans? I’ve been using beer cause there’s no shortage of that while I’m out here lol.
  19. tropics

    Fresh Polish Sausage aka (White Sausage) pics added

    This does not have a lot of pics I was in a hurry to get it done. 7.75 lb Pork Butt debone and remove watery fat Ground threw the 1/4" plate no pics Stuffed hog casings for rings,no links or smoke for these Fresh Kielbasa 5 lb 2 Tbsp. salt 1/2 Tbsp. sugar 1 Lrg. clove garlic (...
  20. pigbark

    Pigbark . Making Pigbark and more.

    started my Chorizo BBQ baked beans yesterday. doing the Pork Butt today, and i threw in a Ribeye and London Broil which i have never smoked before.
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