pork butt

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  1. K

    First post, smoking pork butt in La Paz - Bolivia (11800ft)

    Hello to everyone, I found this forum a few weeks ago and have found it very helpful. With tips from here and youtube, I have managed to smoke decent butts (no connoisseur has ever tried them). I Read the (few) posts on smoking in high-altitude. However, none even close to the altitude where...
  2. DinnerIsComing

    Bacon grease for pork butt slather?

    I have been sitting here, waiting for my work computers to finish crunching. As usual, I'm poking around at BBQ recipes (I was reading this pulled pork recipe)... then I came across this other article about saving bacon grease (which I've been doing since I can remember)... And then it dawned...
  3. B

    First Post/ Last cook

    Smoked these two pork butts on Saturday. Super simple, but you can never go wrong with pulled pork! This is about 3.5 hours into the cook after spritzing for the first time. Credit to HeyGrillHey for the sweet pork rub. I first used this as my base recipe and have since tweaked it quite a bit...
  4. cronocide

    6 lb. butt smoked last night.

    I grabbed a small 6 lb. pork butt from Sam's the other day for a meal this weekend. I tossed it on the smoker at 225* yesterday about 1:30pm. It hit 160* internal about 7pm. I put in into a foil pan with a stick of butter and topped with foil. It finished at 202* internal temp when it was smooth...
  5. DinnerIsComing

    First Smoked Pulled Pork!

    This past Sunday, I smoked my first pork shoulder! ...and it was that a grueling experience too! Twelve hours of waiting and checking in like an expectant father! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue::emoji_cold_sweat: My day started around 6am. The first order of business was to caffeinate the cook, then...
  6. squatchin

    Overnight pork butt in a hurry

    Hi everyone, Longtime lurker, first time poster. I did a "last minute" pork butt this weekend. Took it out of the freezer on Friday and ate it for lunch on Sunday, which is a personal record for hustle. Summary is this: overnight thaw, followed by approximately 12 hour brine, followed by...
  7. cronocide

    Another weekend, another butt.

    I smoked a 10lb. butt last weekend. I ended up getting talked into doing a get together for my department at work on the 1st of July. Going to do 20lbs. of pork butt and everyone is going to bring sides. I figured I better make sure that I have my stuff dialed in, so I am doing another 10lb...
  8. cronocide

    10 lb. butt going on

    I was originally going to do a picnic shoulder today for pulled pork. I got up at 5:30am and got the smoker running and pulled the shoulder out of the fridge to get it seasoned. As soon as my knife pierced the wrapper I sensed an off putting smell. Wife confirmed my suspicions with her nose that...
  9. Daba's BBQ

    Can I smoke a pork shoulder the way i smoke a pork butt?

    Can I cook a pork shoulder the same way I cook a pork butt?
  10. Daba's BBQ

    I am having a fire management issue while cooking today's pork butt - advice needed, please

    7/14 - 8:23 am EST Good morning everyone I am in the process of smoking a 5-pound pork butt. I placed it on the grill around 7 am after the temps hit around 275-285 degrees. It has now been cooking for 1 hour and 20 minutes. I am using three probes. One in the pork and the other two monitoring...
  11. a14711b

    Pulled pork and Twinkies

    I finally made Texas Twinkies. I didn’t have brisket or chorizo to add to mine so I used some pork butt instead. Pork butt and applewood for 14 hours, Twinkies added last 3 hours. Used Jeff’s BBQ sauce and my Cajun based rub. So good with potato and macaroni salad. Lots of leftovers for later in...
  12. thirdeye

    Overnight Pork Butt ~ Smoked In A Pan ~ Hot Finish & Holding in Roaster Oven

    I hadn't smoked a butt in a foil pan in several years, and I've been wanting to experiment with wrapping and hot holding in my roaster oven.... so this was a Saturday / Sunday experiment. I started with an 8# bone-in butt and I did minimal trimming, mostly little tags of meat and rounding up the...
  13. YeOldeBrisket

    Extremely Fast Cook Times on Brisket & Butt with Insulated Cover - Can Dinner be Saved?

    Hi Folks, I'm seeing something pretty strange with my pellet smoker. I put a 9.5lbs butt and 12lbs brisket on my smoker at 225 and in just 7.5 hours, temps are 178 on the pork and 193 on the brisket (temp taken on the flat). Neither were wrapped. I've never seen cook times anywhere near this...
  14. Electric Rookie

    How to get bark or heavy smoke flavor on Old Smokey Electric Unit?

    Newbie here. I just purchased an Old Smokey electric smoker. There are no vents or air flow. I smoked a butt at 225 for 11 hours. Wrapped it around 170 in foil. Threw it in a cooler once the temp hit 203. Is it possible to get a good bark or a heavy smoke flavor on this device? The meat was...
  15. thirdeye

    Sliced Coppa Roasts with Lamb Ribs

    Here is a recent cook featuring Coppa roasts, aka Money Muscle end roasts which are on the top of a pork butt. I cooked another pair of these for my Labor Day TD entry, but these are from the BOGO pork butts I recently posted about. I really like sliced pork shoulder and these roasts are...
  16. MABulous

    Cooking Time for Multiple Pieces of Meat

    Quick question for the experts: smoking time for one 18lb piece of pork butt vs two 9lb pieces. Am I calculating by 18lbs or 9lbs (on the assumption that they are spaced far enough apart for air circulation)?
  17. thirdeye

    Porkstrami ~ Round Two

    In mid-May I posted about a Porkstrami cook where I used the @daveomak injection technique he designed for shoulder and loin 'hams' then used a modified Pop's Brine as a covering brine.... so a combination cure to produce 'corned' pork butt. I took the corned pork butt, seasoned it with my...
  18. thirdeye

    Porkstrami ~ Using A Jazzed-Up Version Of Pop's Brine On Boneless Pork Butt

    In a conversation a couple of months ago about porkstrami I tossed out the idea of using an injectable cure similar to the @daveomak technique of making ham. Dave brought up the idea of using beer in the brine :emoji_thumbsup:. For this test run I combined Dave's ham injection technique with...
  19. B

    Mother’s Day “Pork-Folio”

    Made this awesome 10lb’er for the ladies in my life. Took 13hrs at 245 degrees.
  20. matuz

    Share your Green Mountain Grill Pork butt Profile?

    I am going to throw a butt or...two actually....on my Daniel Boone Sunday night, hoping to wake to some delicious pulled pork for lunch on Monday. I was looking at the profile to smoke pork on my GMG App, and was wondering if anyone had toyed around created one and and would want to share? I...