Pit Boss competition series vertical smoker advice

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Apr 18, 2017
Recently purchased a Pit Boss PBV5V2. This is an upgrade from a Dynaglo vertical propane smoker.

Here’s where I need the advice; I noticed after my first smoke(smoked chuck roast)there was a ton of accumulated ash at the bottom of the chamber. I kinda expected the ash to accumulate in the cup. There also seemed to be a fine layer of ash on the walls of the chamber and grates(don’t think it’s smoke residue because it wipes off very easily-could be wrong). Anyone have experience with this smoker or similar that can let me know if this is normal?

Oh, if anyone is wondering or concerned about smoke level due to the convection fan in the unit-don’t be concerned. There was an awesome smoke ring that I was surprised to see! (Pictures attached)


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Ash is certainly a side product of pellets. You can however reduce ash by buying quality pellets.
I prefer Bear Moutain and Oklahoma Joe's
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I just use a small wet/dry vacuum after a long cook or several small cooks to clean it out. It is mostly in the cup and on the bottom of the chamber. If you do not clean it out you can get burn outs.

I have a Louisiana Grill Series 7 vertical pellet smoker which is larger but made by the same company. I have used it for several years now and it has made many great meals.
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