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  1. disco

    Smoked Sunday Pork Roast

    My mom used to make a boneless pork butt and gravy for one of our Sunday dinner staples. However, She Who Must Be Obeyed has suggested that pork loin is leaner and I could use a little less fat in my diet. I started cooking pork loin roasts. I use some liquid in the pan to avoid the lean meat...
  2. tropics

    Breakfast Sausage Sat.

    Started Thursday I picked up 2 -9 pound butts Boned them out so I could get rid of them trash day Ground the meat Fri. after driving my wife up to her nieces,They went to Fla. visiting wives sister nieces mother Sat. made a mix of Fassets Breakfast Sausage mix. Good stuff had to do taste...
  3. A

    Salt Pork vs Fatback

    Any thoughts on using salt pork vs fatback as an ingredient in home made bratwurst? I am smoking them and am using mostly pork shoulder and some hanger steak. many of you have given me helpful thoughts in another post. thanks
  4. A

    Smoking Homemade Bratwurst without casing...

    I have never done this but am excited to make my own brats with pork and beef and smoke them. I don't like casings so am going to form "logs" (maybe the shape of a Twinkie) and smoke them. My plan is to refrigerate after forming so they can firm up, then place them on the smoker and likely...
  5. Kkurtz21

    Oh no! Did I ruin a first football Sunday smoke?

    Hey everyone, been reading this form for a couple months now, have learned quite a bit, and now need some advice! I put a 9.3# rubbed up pork shoulder on my gmg at 11:20pm last light. Woke up 6am to find my smoker had ran out of pellets BUT the shoulder was still 143°. I fired it back up and it...
  6. daveomak

    Pork loin... faomheart style.... Canadian bacon, made in America... Recipe added

    Kevin and I traded stuff awhile back.. Well, maybe a few years back... time seems to run amok anymore... He got some weird spices and I ended up with some lovely stretch netting.... It seems meat prefers to be tied up when smoking.... So this loin was whispering my name the other day when...
  7. daveomak.fs

    Pork Loin.. American Bacon..

  8. L

    Opinions Needed

    I'm more of a lurker right now, and do enjoy it here, Will become more active in the future, I have a few questions I'm hoping to get help with. In the near future we will be moving to Tennessee (Tri Cities Area) is there any reputable meat markets where we can buy say an entire beef/hog or...
  9. disco

    Oriental Glazed Country Style Ribs

    In North America we love our sticky spicy pork. It usually involves a tomato based barbecue sauce. However, in the Orient they have been making delicious pork dishes with shiny sweet glazes and great complex flavours. This is my recipe to bring several of their styles together. This is not an...
  10. solman

    Smoked Korean beef short ribs (kalbi) and a mystery pork cut

    I grew up eating a ton of kalbi (korean beef short ribs) and it's always been cooked over a grill, hot and fast. I tried smoking some years ago but it turned out more jerky than tender, and I swore I'd never do it again. I think the problem then was that I smoked it at too high a temperature...
  11. S

    Help please!

    i had two 8.5 lb pork shoulders on the OK Joes smoker starting at 1:00 AM this morning. I had a good start until 7:40 AM when the fire went out. The temp of the meat never dropped, it actually stayed at 124 however it was there for about 1.5 hrs. I quickly put the meat in the oven to bring the...
  12. VegSmoker


    We’re new to the smoker world & planning a taco night. Anyone have a pork belly or fish taco recipe they love & want to share?!? Tips? Tricks? Advice? We’re flexible on meats so share any must make smoked taco recipes you have- I picked fish because our neighbors love it and they are coming over...
  13. CigarLlama

    3-2-1 Baby Back Ribs

    I've been working on my Baby Back Ribs & reading a lot of the posts about it here on these forums. These are the best ribs I've made yet. I did the 3-2-1 method & used a slightly modified version of @chef jimmyj 's foiling juice. That juice is amazing and using it as a glaze at the end is the...
  14. R

    Is Red meat bad for your health?

    Beef offers high amounts of protein per serving, but researchers say that eating too much red meat, such as bacon and hot dogs, has been linked to health issues. Can you guys suggest any alternative for beef. I personally love beef
  15. cups

    Back at it!

    I was sidelined for the past couple years. But now I’m back. Got the grills cleaned up. The first one ready for service is the Camp Chef Woodwind pellet. I told myself I was going to be well thought out from now on. No more impulse cooks! I had the smoker ready for bout five seconds before I...
  16. C

    Pulled Pork - First smoke in my Oklahoma Joe's Highland

    Bought this smoker yesterday and got it seasoned. I have only used a MES30 before. I decided to give a 7lb butt a try in here. It was last minute so I wanted to be quick. So I just used a premade rub(grill mates maple BBQ rub, I've heard it's pretty good) and injected with that creole stuff...
  17. schlotz

    My Father's Scrapple

    Sometime in late fall my dad always made a triple batch of Scrapple. It never lasted the winter though. Seems to me we always ran out in late January. Scrapple Recipe By: Dutch Schlotzhauer Ingredients: 1 1/2 lbs pork shoulder steak 1 medium onion, finely chopped salt & pepper 6 cups water...
  18. disco

    Rib Tips

    I love rib tips and make them as an appetizer often. I had guests coming over, I had rib trimmings and I had my favourite barbecue sauce, Koss Sauce. Everything was coming together. One of the reasons I like making rib tips for company is I can do most of the work before the day company is...
  19. nkpal624

    Pork Belly with Mustard & Vinegar Sauce

    I took my first stab at a BBQ pork belly today in my MES. It took about four hours in the smoker to reach 160° at a smoker temperature that hovered between 225° and 250°. I used a 4 pound pork belly and scored it on both sides before applying a simple pork rub. Here is the rub: -2 tbsp of...
  20. illini40

    Country Style Ribs - Two Ways

    Good Evening I tried smoking country style ribs for the first time this evening. I think they turned out pretty good. Tender and tasty. However, they still had a lot of fat. I know that these are not ribs, but I prefer some baby backs. I did a couple as "sweet" and the others in some...
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