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  1. beerich

    Pork Shoulder Rotisserie

    Well, bought a pork shoulder. Put it on the rotisserie on my Napoleon. Next time I'll take the bone out and truss it up tight so that it's even. Basted it with some Diana's Honey Garlic BBQ Sauce, every 15 minutes for the last hour. It turned out pretty good, for a cheap piece of meat.
  2. bmudd14474

    Pulled Pork for the nephew w/qview

    As the title says I cooked PP for our nephews birthday celebration. First off I hate people that work in the meat department when they think they are butchers but they are really stocking clerks. So I go to a local store to get some butts that are on sale. Found them but they weren't cryo packed...
  3. gmc2003

    Pork Tenderloins - Kettle Style

    Well, another week of vacation has arrived, and with it came New England's version of Texas weather. 90+* heat with high humidity. Needless to say, the beer pole got a good work-out. Let's start this thread off: Broke out a couple tenderloins for the Misses and I. One coated with...
  4. N

    Pork Shoulder

    I defrosted a pork shoulder to check out if the firmware for my GMG is working for a longer cook. I have a mesh network at my house and it was a problem. I am on a prototype firmware and had to see how it works for a longer cook. I cut the shoulder into two pieces, I just wanted more surface...
  5. Daba's BBQ

    I am having a fire management issue while cooking today's pork butt - advice needed, please

    7/14 - 8:23 am EST Good morning everyone I am in the process of smoking a 5-pound pork butt. I placed it on the grill around 7 am after the temps hit around 275-285 degrees. It has now been cooking for 1 hour and 20 minutes. I am using three probes. One in the pork and the other two monitoring...
  6. scrumtiousruckingBBQ

    Hello! Or as we say down here in Florida, "Alligator hurricane tourist hockey"

    Hi all, Checking in from beautiful Seminole, FL. Moved down here with the military last year, and that's part of my serendipitous foray into smoking meat! I'm originally from Massachusetts, and growing up there meant that "BBQ" was burgers and dogs, steaks, and grilled seafood. The Army has had...
  7. gmc2003

    Pork Shoulder Kettle Style

    Well, it was my weekend off and I found one of our local grocers selling shoulders for .99/lb. earlier in the week. I bought one and decided to let her ride on Saturday. It was a good size weighing in at a little of 11.5/lb. Fairly well trimmed also. I left the fat cap on and just scored...
  8. gmc2003

    A couple of tender loins from last week.

    Pork tender loins are a family favorite around here. They're cheap, quick and easy - what's not to like. So last week I fired up the kettle and tossed a couple on. Here they are. One is bare naked for the wife. The other is rubbed down in Tony C's Creole for me. I know what your thinking about...
  9. philipc

    Dry aging past use by date

    Hi So, I have a hand of pork which I’ve hung in my dry ager (37f 75%RH). I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it yet, but when I purchased it the use by date was the 6th May. So do I need to use it by that date (freeze/cook) or is it okay to hang longer? Thanks
  10. N

    Crippled Taylor Ham

    This will be a knock off from @DougE and his version of Taylor Ham, with assistance from @SmokinEdge I can't, until next week, get my grinder out and carry it so I had to be a little different. I cut up the bacon into little chunks. They are probably bigger then they should be, I just got...
  11. N

    First Baby Back Ribs cook with some questions

    First, I have a Smoke Vault 18. I bought some costco baby back ribs to cook in the rain yesterday. I attempted.to use the 3 1 1 method for an almost fall off the bone texture. I had to cut 3 bones off of the end of each rack to fit them in and I put 2 on the 2nd rack from the bottom and 1 on...
  12. jjpiv33


    I'm not really sure where this thread belongs, so if i need to move it please tell me. I've making a lot of sausage this summer, Venison, pork, beef and chicken. Everything from British bangers, to kielbasa, to Texas beef sausage. I am definitely getting better with my technique, but i would...
  13. J

    My cure/brine recipe

    I've done quite some research about the perfect cure/brine. I made one three years ago and have been refining it until recently when my last batch came out perfectly. You can use this recipe for anything you want to cure. I've made eisbeins, brisket, pork chops, ham, sandwich meat and even...
  14. M

    Minimum salt% in pork loin?

    First time attempting homemade bacon! I used a piece of skin on pork loin but followed a recipe for a pork belly. Recipe called for prep of a bulk cure mix - 400g salt. 200g sugar. 60g pink curing salt (6.25% NaNO3). I then weighed my meat and calculated 2.5% of this weight and used this value...
  15. WaterRat

    Grilled pork tenderloin with blackberry habanero glaze

    Hey All, Here's an easy grilled pork tenderloin that's BIG on flavor. I had this recipe from my Dad who had it from https://www.mnpork.com/porkplease/blackberry-habanero-glazed-pork-tenderloin/ Don't be concerned about the Habaneros, this is not a hot recipe. If you are super sensitive start...
  16. B

    BBQXperiment: Porkstrami

    What do you get if you make corned pork, soak it in a change of water, rub it down with mustard and copious amounts of ground black pepper, smoke it, then finish it off in an oven to internal temp 200F? Porkstrami. What are the results and conclusions? Well, it dances backwards and forwards...
  17. tedpoppke

    Rotisserie Pork Butt

    Hi, New to the forum. I have a Summit 6 Weber gas grill. And a 9.5 # bone-in pork butt that I want to grill in a couple of days. It will be 30 degrees outside and I have all day. Would like to use it on the rotisserie. Any suggestions? Ted
  18. O

    Al pastor tacos

    Seen the tacos @meskc made and had to give them a try. Needless to say they were very good. Just know next time way more pineapple. Wifes suggestion
  19. O

    Why are my pork ribs turning yellowy or greenish?

    Hi everyone, I am starting a new hobby, grilling and smoking meat, I love it. Today I bought some pork spare ribs, and they were looking delicious and a pinky color, really fresh. When I arrived home, I took them from the bag, to place them into the freezer, but I noticed that they were...
  20. disco

    Apple Sausage Pork Tenderloin

    I am not a fan of pork tenderloin. It dries out easily and doesn’t have a particularly good texture. However, the flavour is good so I decided to try it a unique way. The first problem is the shape of the tenderloin. It has a narrow tip that overcooks. They usually come in a package of two and...