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advice needed

  1. B

    Forgot to turn down Preheat on Pork Shoulder

    Good Morrow! I’m a long time reader/advice taker from this forum but a new member. I’ve been smoking pork shoulder for roughly about a year and wanted to showcase my pork bbq at my brothers. Long story short - I had a lot going on this AM and left my smoker on at 275 for the first two hrs...
  2. D

    Masterbuilt electric smokers: 20078715 for $125 or 20071117 for $100?

    Hi there, I have a shot at buying a very slightly used 20078715 for $125 or a brand new 20071117 for $100. They seem like very similar units, but I figured I should ask the authorities on the matter. For the record, I'm brand new to smoking and am interested in low cost, easy to maintain, and...
  3. B

    Pit Boss UK

    Hi Guys Pit Boss has just popped back up in the UK, they were here last year then it all seemed to disappear. I can see their old models are for sale at Asda & Costco. Buff BBQ seem to stock a lot of their range but there are a still a few missing that are available in the US. They seem to...
  4. J

    Newbie building concrete block smoke house.

    I am building my first smoke house. 4ft by 4 ft by 7 ft concrete block with offset firebox. Wondering how I should finish the inside concrete block so it can be cleaned easy. Is raw unfinished block ok and if not what products are best for sealing and washable surface.
  5. Y

    New purchase advice

    Hi everyone. I looked through all the old posts but didn't see anything quite like this. I was hoping to get some advice from owners who have used these units. I am looking at purchasing a new pellet smoker. I have a weber genesis grill so I don't need a grilling feature. American made is...
  6. SmokeDaMeats

    Char-Griller Smokin Pro w/SFB

    All, I hope to get some good feed back here. I have just recently started using the Char-Griller Smokin Pro w/SFB. I set it up after doing some initial mods that I found on here, such as, using the expanded metal in the SFB, flipping over the charcoal pan in the cooking chamber in order to...
  7. G

    Should I keep my Masterbuilt Dual Fuel?

    Over the past few months I have gotten the itch to buy myself a smoker since we just moved to a new house. After reading Aaron Franklin’s book I really got excited about the romance of smoking with wood only and not using alternative sources such as coal or propane. That being said, after...
  8. R

    Charred meats

    Hi everyone, I received an electric vertical smoker from a neighbor who moved. It is a MasterForge brand which I guess were sold at Lowe’s. I am new to this way of cooking and need a little help. I have tried it twice, each time smoking a whole chicken and some ribs. Used Apple chips and apple...
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