Mexican Fiesta Night Dinner

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It's a Fiesta night at our home and I'm going for broke on a Mexican dinner.


Pollo a la parrilla
Bastardizado al pastor
Arroz Mexicana
Frijoles negros
Guacamole fresco
Salsa tostada al fuego
Tortillas de maize
Fritura de maiz


Salsa tostada al fuego

Frijoles negros

Pollo a la parrilla

More to Come
Looks awesome so far...   

Bastardizado al pastor

For my marinade I used
20 oz Crushed Pineapple
19 oz Red enchilada sauce
7oz Chipotle chiles on Adobo sauce
2T Achiote powder this time!
1 cup Brown sugar
1 tbsp Cumin
1 tbsp Paprika
2 tbsp Sea salt
1 32ct bag of Corn Tortillas, lightly steamed
Chopped onion/cilanto and lime wedges for garnish.

Pollo a la parrilla

Salt, Smoked paprika, Achiote powder, cumin, garlic & onion powders and a little EVOO.

The Secret Ingredient for Killer Mexican Rice

And the rest of them

1# rice sauteed till golden, add onion/garlic and saute further, add in 1.5C tomato puree and 3C chicken broth, salt, cumin and whatever, bring to boil, reduce/cover and simmer till done.

Alas, no Money Shot as it was too hectic with the crowd at serving time
Looks awesome so far... :popcorn ..
And so it was at the end. Thanks.
Looks delicious.
Si senor, mui gracias.
Looks like someone is busy! Looking tasty!
Busy as a one legged man in a arse kicking contest, cooked for 8 people plus kids... It was pretty tasty and the leftovers will be too. Thanks.
Don't have a clue what your saying... but with those pictures who needs to know... Thumbs Up
My Universal Translator was broken, so sorry... Glad the pics tell the story well. Thanks.
That is definitely a FEED!! Looks delicious, but knowing you its gonna be hot enough to cook a steak over. LOL

No sir, cooking for Gringos. Nothing hotter than a mild Jalapeno. Thanks.
Everything looks delicious CR - Viva la fiesta!  Thumbs Up   Thumbs Up
Barbacoa para la victoria! Gracias por el Punto!
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My kind of meal, looks great, My only suggestion is next time you make this (Invite Me !!!!!!_


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