Emu & Amarone.

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  1. Happy Sunday to All!

    Today I grilled an emu "fan" (Brad please educate me on what part of the emu that is) and just for one minute on each side or corner, and it was superb!

    Baby soft, succulent and just wonderful, this was tremendous and paired with an Amarone (hearty red Italian seductive wine) that is made from grapes dried on little mats first.



    Cheers! - Leah
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  2. Submitted these from a Tablet and so they only took by uploading one per post versus INSIDE on one post. Still learning. Bear with me. Thanks!!! Cheers! - Leah
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  3. disco

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    Terrific meal as usual, Leah. I have had Ostrich several times but never Emu. How do they compare?

    By the way, Happy Canadian Thanksgiving. This is our weekend to pig out and as a Canadian, I bestow upon you the right to enjoy great food and wine and to have many great things in your life to be grateful for.

    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Disco!!! And I love that permission and will take you up on it indeed and begin celebrating right now! (I follow instructions well)!

    Hey your new avatar photo is just wonderful! Great to see!

    Also, yes, the emu was the best thing I've ever eaten. I love ostrich, and had eaten emu hearts and livers in some pates I made years ago (used to make exotic pate, with either lamb, ostrich, emu, or rhea) but I too had never had just a piece of steak and this was WAY softer than ostrich and a tiny bit sweeter almost, if that makes sense, and with less grainy texture.

    I love ostrich mind you, but ADORE the emu even more now. The drizzled balsamic and olive oil and sea salt and pepper, once plating, seemed wonderful too. (Rarely do I pour balsamic vinegar onto my meat at the table but it made the emu amazing and it all was just lovely).

    Thanks for checking in!!!!

    And happy Thanksgiving! I am excited to see your epic feastings and libations!!!!

    Cheers! - Leah
  5. moikel

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    Emu a hard sell here,Aussies don't dig it. You see a bit of jerky in some places but that's it.
    Chef JJ is the go to guy for emu butchery.
    I am still stumped on the Tassie wallaby. It had a market but there has been some glitch on the hunting end.
    Apparently the veal of the kangaroo world! I am going to keep at it.
  6. Well yet another reason to enjoy our great Chef Jimmy indeed then! We should have an emu feast and get everyone together - my new favorite meat!

    And funny Mick, here I thought you all had just plentiful herds of the birds and there down under! And I'm excited about your wallaby when you can post some!!

    In any event, today is seared ostrich steak for me, a close second, but I'm in love with the EMU! Delish, delish!

    Cheers to all!!!!! - Leah
  7. disco

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    I am starting the posts now and will do them over the next couple of days. There was much gluttony I am afraid.

    Thanks for the info on Emu. I will look for it if I go to the big smoke.

  8. moikel

    moikel Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    We got thousands of them we just cant get people to eat them[​IMG].They are a plains/grassland bird ,notoriously dumb.

    The wallaby comes from Flinders Island in Tassie,big buzz then supply chain problems.

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