CPB Rib Roast Christmas Eve Din Din!

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Jan 27, 2015
Started with a 96 oz Certified Piedmontese rib roast…..I trimmed the bones off for a snack….. this roast wanted to lay elongated so I let it be as it was very uniform thickness so it should cook very even….

I decided to dry or rather semi dry brine it…. It got some salt, kinders blend and buttery onion then some Worcestershire and wrapped up for a 24 hour soak time….

On the big cook day I started with making the au jus…. The aromatics…..

The jus was beef stock, beef base, red wine, Woster, soy, chicken broth, and finished with sugar in the raw…. Reduced it down and made sure the wine was well coked in about 2 hours of rolling simmer…..then I added the the veg to simmer for another hour….

FYI the chicken broth is added to smooth out the richness as it the sugar in the raw.

The boy wanted to learn how to do cini rolls so Mrs Civil was giving instructions….. one pan all rolled out….

I dropped the snack ribs on an hour before the roast, which went in the RT 1250 @ 235….

Progress shot about 90 min or so in…..looking good!

Oh the progress hot snack…..these are glazed with a maple bourbon butter cream….YUM

When the roast was starting to get close the boy started in the dressing inserts….fennel, celery, chestnuts, sweet onion, in butter and deglazed with white wine…

He sears some Italian sausage to blend in as well. This is all mixed with croutons from the herbed focaccia the boy made a few days earlier and a blend of chicken/beef broth with fresh chopped herbs.

Bingo INT 130…..

time to rest while the sides finish out so into the house oven at 140 uncovered on a rack….…man the color is very inviting!!!!

It took about 45 mins for the dressing and garlic mash to finish up…… all ready to slice. The rested INT was 135…..


The slices…….oh man!!! What a happy sight!!!

All plated up with the dressing and some garlic mash made with butter, crème fraiche, salted pan water, graded onion & garlic and fresh copped herbs….. oh can’t forget the snack rib!!!

Pure rib roast MONEY!!!

Ok now for my assessment of my first slow roasted CPB PR…… take a look at this close up…..this is 3 hours at 235 then 145 min @ 140

You can see the individual muscle tissue with a defined separation between them and it is full of moisture…..I’m still trying to wrap my head around the texture and taste…..it is so clean tasting that you feel refreshed after eating it vs roll me out…. The only thing I “may” do next time is a seasoned hot butter baste after it is sliced to amp the flavor up on more level!
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That’s a gorgeous meal! And I’d love to top it off with a cup of coffee and a cinnamon roll!

That’s a gorgeous meal! And I’d love to top it off with a cup of coffee and a cinnamon roll!

Thanks Jim…..I had cold milk from a vacuum sealed stainless steel tumbler with my cini…. The only way to drink milk!
It don't get much better than that...
Many thanks GS! It was a nice meal for sure! I always love it when a plan comes together!
That's perfection right there !
Much appreciated jax! I can say I was happy we had the CPB in the freezer because the in store stuff was not speaking to me at all!
Hell Yeah!
Simply scrumptious looking meal.
Thanks chiller! It was very tasty for sure! Just a nice clean and balanced plate of flavors!
We did something we haven’t done before for left over with the rib roast….

My wife shaved some with the slicer and the added it to a creamy barley beef sauce…..

Holy moly this was a perfect was to take left overs to a new level. The shaved beef really added a nice tender texture vs ground.
WOW just a gorgeous meal CIvil. That roast is cooked perfectly!!!

Point for sure
So we finished up the last of the roast leftovers……

Thin sliced it up……if you inspect this you can see how tender and how it just comes apart with ease. I almost had a full helping while slicing and cold….

The boy was making himself a dip samich so I decided to just do an open face……. The boy seared these up perfectly!

So I put a couple slices of provolone on a tossed Italian roll and the stacked some slices and after a short oven roast topped that with the pepper and onions…..

Then I topped it with some of the creamy beef barley stew……

This isn’t your average ingredient make up but holy smoked meat this was tasty!!!

I was worried about the peppers clashing but the added a nice fresh tone to cut the richness…… this meal finished off every little slice of beef….next roast I’m going to save some shaved sliced for cold samiches the texture and clean beef flavor is perfect……
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