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Would you like to see a Dutch Oven Forum here at SMF?

  • I use a Dutch Oven and would like to see a Dutch Oven Forum here at SMF.

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  • I don't use a Dutch Oven but would like to learn more through a Dutch Oven Forum here at SMF.

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  • Not interested in seeing a Dutch Oven Forum.

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I have to visit other sites for my Dutch Oven fix. Sure would be nice to have a forum here. 1 site. I'm sure Dutch has some great food ideas. Could draw other "Dutchers" to our great site.
.........and maybe even get a few converts!
Alright! Alright! I'm a hearin' it... give me a bit and I will get right on it.
I hope Dutch has his big book of secret dutch oven recipes ready... we're gonna need em
debi wildcat here, you doing your homework ,means i get an "A" as soon as i copy it . reminds me of high school. thanx for all your hard work. lol wildcat.
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