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Dutch Oven Users Poll

Would you like to see a Dutch Oven Forum here at SMF?

  • I use a Dutch Oven and would like to see a Dutch Oven Forum here at SMF.

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  • I don't use a Dutch Oven but would like to learn more through a Dutch Oven Forum here at SMF.

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  • Not interested in seeing a Dutch Oven Forum.

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Joined Jul 7, 2005
Folks, we have received a request for a forum dedicated to the use of the ol' black pot, the Dutch Oven. Tulsa Jeff will consider this request if there is enough interest in it. You each have a vote so let us know what you think concerning a Dutch Oven Forum.

I know some here have made the transition from cooking in Dutch Ovens to smoking foods. If you're a black pot cooker like me, you use the Dutch Oven almost as regularly as your smoker.


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Joined Sep 16, 2006
Ya got my vote for "The Old Black Pot". Just used it this weekend.


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Joined May 5, 2007
I love my Dutch Ovens! I have one for the kitchen and one for outdoors, both are well used...

Bring on the DOF!


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Joined May 21, 2006
I use my dutch oven in connection with the smoker. So I voted that I don't use it but would like to see the forum and maybe I will learn to do something more that just make baked beans in it.


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Joined Nov 30, 2006
I love it, it would be nice to see dedication to the ol' black pot. I use mine regularly throught the summer.


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Joined Apr 5, 2007
It would be a nice addition. I personally try to do research on things before I buy something new. Havng a forum for Dutch Ovens would help me understand what I'm getting into before I go buy some. We've got a guy on TV on the weekends that does all kinds of cooking in them, and I'm already interested.


Joined May 5, 2007
I have one, never have used it. would be interesting to see what can be done with one.


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That will be my main way of preparing a meal for the next several months. Beginning tomorrow, I will be doing some brush control work on a ranch that is between Sheffield and Dryden, TX if you want to get the map out. My living quarters has a little 2 burner hot plate, but I have already set up a 3 burner wet back stove and have a fire pit. I will be digging holes and burying things in the morning to dig up and eat in the evening. I will post pictures when I come home or when they get my satellite installed, (could be 90 days). Independence Creek runs into the Pecos River on this ranch and I bet that there will be some fried fish also.


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I don't have a dutch pot, but I do have several cast iron pans and use them regular. It would be interesting to read more about them. Who knows, maybe one day I will break down and get one.....


short one

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I have 3 ovens and several skillets and use them while camping. I think it will be great to have a section set aside for them. I am always willing to learn something new about them and share what little I know about them.

deer meat

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I would like to see a forum on here dedicated to D.O. cooking. I have been using a dutch oven for a few years when we go camping, and I have made some pretty tasty meals in them. What I have learned so far, I learned in cook books and the I.D.O.S. website and other internet searches. It would be nice to have all of your favorite cooking methods easily accessable in one forum.

Deer Meat


Joined May 23, 2007
I just got a dutch oven for x-mas since I'll be doing more camping with my sons in scouts.

I remember having some great desserts from dutch ovens when I was a scout.


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Have never used one other than the modern version. As it turns out, I was given a cast iron pot with lid and loop handle but no legs.
So do I have one?
I 'd also like to know the best method to season it.
For you newbies to Dutch Ovens like me
, you can read more like I did here


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Joined Jan 30, 2007
yep i use a camp oven ( dutch oven when i gat the chance ), i have several of them .

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