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Would you like to see a Dutch Oven Forum here at SMF?

  • I use a Dutch Oven and would like to see a Dutch Oven Forum here at SMF.

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  • I don't use a Dutch Oven but would like to learn more through a Dutch Oven Forum here at SMF.

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  • Not interested in seeing a Dutch Oven Forum.

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yup yup- i use it quite a bit & would love to see more or help if possible.while i have never done a cake in it, i've used nothing else except pits & grills on the boats. it's the original "cowboy crockpot" lol.
We have 4 dutch ovens. My wife is a former girl scout leader of 2 troops so they've been used alot. Though she is no longer a leader we still use them quite often. Even this past weekend she had one of them fired up with a cobbler. So we would love to see a forum for dutch ovens, especially if we are sharing recipes.
That would be a Great addition to the SMF..We use a lot of cast iron throughout the year..Seem's there is alway's something smoking around here, If not a smoker or grill containing various meats than a camp fire with cast iron warming near by..My collection of cast iron seem's to be "Getting out of control" as the wife put's it...Between BBQ BUBBA and myself we may be able to sink a battleship with cast iron.....
Have plans on using the "ol pot" today. Just wondering about this new forum?
Don't know how I missed this, but yes to a Dutch oven forum. I kind of know the basics and would guess that many others do too, but just imagine all of the crazy receipies that are about to get tossed around!
Sounds good!
I used my pot for the first time last weekend, made brownies in the afternoon and beans for dinner-I don't know why I waited so long to try it.
I'm all for it too. Use them camping quite a bit. I'd love to learn more tips and tricks! Totally different but Pie Irons are pretty cool too!
Can't let this one get buried...gotta keep it on top...
Any word on this yet?
Let's go for it!
And think for a moment...the Dutch Oven is an excellent survival tool. Disaster strikes and folks can feed themselves over a small fire istead of wondering when power will be restored to the nearest Mickey D's or Pizza Hut!


I got to reccomend an old book called "Cooking the dutch oven way" by Woody Woodruff

It is a plain simple book with just the basics by a fellow that I met when I was in Scouting. He has passed on, but his expertese is in the book. If anyone has any of his aluminum dutch ovens and would consider parting with them let me know. When I was in Scouts my troop had dozens of his square aluminum dutch ovens and I always had access to them, never considering that I might someday wish that I had purchaced some for myself.

The key to dutch oven cooking? The same as all cooking, temp control.
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