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Gonna Smoke

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Sep 19, 2018
South Carolina it still a "thing"? I never hear about it anymore, but then again I don't watch much TV. My wife just got back from a cruise and brought it home with her. All 4 in her group have it, but it's not debilitating, just aggravating to them. Basic flu-like symptoms with stuffy head, low grade fever, minor aches and pains. I'm fine and staying clear of her because I've got fishing to do...:emoji_wink:
I think the concern for it is like the concern for the flu now.
Mask restrictions have been lifted in all the places I visit, even Dr offices.
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Being a retired nurse, she called a couple of her past co-workers and they told her that the protocol now is to just treat the symptoms and carry on with life. And yes Bruce 02ebz06 02ebz06 , no mask mandates anywhere around me...
Some areas are seeing an uptick in cases, but it's nothing they're concerned with yet.

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I guess I need to get out more...:emoji_laughing:, or maybe watch TV some...

I remember my grandma always saying, "tv will rot your brain". I think it's just the utter nonsensical garbage they spew on certain channels to the public. It seems as though some channels are like the national enquirer magazine.

I'll stick to my sports and movies only. If I want the weather, I'll look up.
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With my wife being an ER nurse I hear about it quite often. Seems they get one or two cases every so often but then two weeks after a holiday they get a spike in cases and will see 5-8 a day for a week or so then it goes back to the occasional one here and there. Treatment seems to be dependent on the person's medical health.
My wife is a charge nurse and I agree with everything pineywoods pineywoods said. Even vaxed she has caught it twice. I got it a few months ago from her second go around. It was no big deal. I barely had a cough and had a fever for about an hour. I took a nap and it went away.

In CA most store workers are wearing them. Not many customers. I don't know if it's mandatory for them or a personal choice.
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The most recent omicron variants are pretty mild. URI symptoms...hardly anything more. It can still kill you the same way any cold can kill you, but that's mostly those who have underlying comorbid conditions.

I'd hold the Paxlovid unless you are VERY ill with it. It'll help you clear the virus faster, but has its own side effects that are probably worse than the virus.
My whole family had it at the same time, including my wife, about a year ago. No severe symptoms, just cold and flu like. I never tested positive even after sleeping with that woman. 😁
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I'd hold the Paxlovid unless you are VERY ill with it. It'll help you clear the virus faster, but has its own side effects that are probably worse than the virus.
I was told the same thing from my Dr. when I had vid. The side affects can be worse than the virus. The variant that I had was about a 4 day deal. 1st 2 days was horrible trying to swallow, someone previously described it as swallowing razor blades which was true. Ice water and lozenges were of little help.
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We're having spike up here in the Seattle area. I'm on the backend of my first Covid experience right now, and I had the 3 shots. It started out on 8/28 with cold-like symptoms, but by the 2nd day it was kicking my butt. Body ached all over, and I could hardly breathe. I thank God for my CPAP machine; I was using it nearly 24/7. If it weren't for that, I'd probably have been in a hospital on a ventilator. Still not 100% yet, but feeling a lot better than last week.
Yup new strand just showed up in Delaware over the weekend. None in my area in Maryland
Bet it's going to be like the flu shot every year.

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