Slow Smoked Playoff Picanha (Q-View)

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I may have to do one of these like I do tri tip. Cook it to med rare for me then finish my wife’s off in a hot skillet with butter. Fine looking meal here.
Holy Cow Robert! That looks stunning! Sounds amazing too! I’ve never tried the Picanha, but now I’m going to find one for a go! Crushing it, glad your house is safe
Thanks so much Jed. This one came out looking pretty decent but was one of the most gratifying meals ever. Simple and basic but that roast was so far over the top I can't even begin to describe it. House is safe from the fire the neighbors thought we had but not so much from the 3 solid days of non-stop ice coming down. Another ice disaster on our hands that we will likely be months cleaning up from.

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Well Robert, not sure what to say other than that looks top notch all the way around buddy!
Thank you my friend. It came out looking....and tasting pretty darned good.
BTW, that pic with the smokers at work… just an awesome sight!
The neighbors didn't think so :emoji_laughing: This is the first time I've had to get 2 smokers going to do all the bacon, but it's the biggest batch I've done to date so it stands to reason.
Also, Congrats on the ride!
Appreciate it buddy. I didn't see that one coming but am honored.

Looks fantastic Robert! You really have the beef down pat on your cookers.
Thanks Jeff for the kind words. I've had a bit of practice with the cookers so it's about time I started getting them figured out :emoji_laughing:

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Beautiful color on that picanha Robert. Did I read that right 45 pounds of bacon!!!

And I'm with Chris gmc2003 , 45 pounds of bacon. I'm on my way with the bread tomatoes and mayo.
Thanks to both of you for the accolades regarding the meal. Insofar as the bacon goes, that is correct: 45 pounds of it. Did 3 pork bellies, each just over 10 pounds each and each a different flavor profile. Also did one beef belly that was 14 pounds. I learned from the beginning of my bacon making career that it takes just as long to cure 45 pounds as it does to cure 10 pounds. Sure, slicing and vac sealing takes longer but you already have the equipment out and are set up so might as well do some quantity. This will last us for a few months and it's a pain doing a batch every 2 weeks so I just do a lot at once and be done with it for a while.

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Food looks great. That view I could hang out in that porch all day long.
Thanks so much for the kind words about the meal. As far as the view goes, it's a lot better looking straight back from the patio. We own all the way to the bottom of the canyon about 500 feet back than there's a green belt where nobody can build. We'll never have a house in our back yard :emoji_wink:

That’s one awesome looking picanha roast Robert! Never had one so I can just take your word for it that it was truly awesome!! That dinner surely looks delicious!
Thanks so much my friend. We need to do a gift exchange of some sort :emoji_wink: I got the green light from Tracy last night to order a case of the picanha roasts so I'll have about 50# of them heading my way shortly.
I think if I had your weather, I wouldn’t hardly watch tv either.
The good weather didn't last very long. Dramatic change by the next morning and we are just starting to dig our way out of 4 solid days if ice.

Man, that looks so good.
And the way that fat cap just disappeared.
Thank you sir. I appreciate it. There was not much of a fat cap to begin with and what little there was just melted into the roast. It was pretty decadent.

My first introduction to Picanha was in São Paulo back in the mid 60s. The Brasilerios definitely knew where the 'good stuff' was on a cow and how to prepare it. Totally in agreement with ya Robert. The combined tenderness and rich flavor of this cut IMO is unmatched. Your picanha is perfect my friend.
Thanks very much Matt for the high praise. you got introduced to this cut the proper way. I got it via Joe at CPB and was on my own to figure it out. Picanha is the quintessential cut of meat served at the top shelf Brazilian steak houses so you are 100% correcet that those folks know how to do it right my friend.

I'll be spinning a shoulder clod as soon as this cold snap settles down :emoji_thumbsup:
Looks like the mess is finally starting to clear out and temps supposed to go up over the next few days. I can't wait to see your shoulder clod. After your last post about it you've got me on the verge of ordering a huge batch of them. Only problem is that I've never cooked one, know nothing about them, and am reluctant to buy 50# of unknown meat :emoji_wink:

Robert, I'm not sure how I missed this, but that's an excellent meal regardless of the cut of beef and a well deserved ride, my friend!! I don't often see picanha, but it's not quite as rare as hen's teeth and tri-tip around here..
Thanks so much for the kind words my friend. The picanha is an excellent cut. If you can find it, I'd highly recommend grabbing one or a dozen. If properly cooked, you'll be hard pressed to find a better piece of beef anywhere....and I know you can cook it properly :emoji_wink:

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I may have to do one of these like I do tri tip. Cook it to med rare for me then finish my wife’s off in a hot skillet with butter. Fine looking meal here.
Thank ya thank ya. Blessedly my wife likes the beef cooked the exact same way I do. No need to torch hers for her to be happy. You're correct about cooking like a tri tip. They will be done very similarly but the picanha is typically smaller so will cook faster. The low and slow approach is really hard to beat.

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What is the dressing on the salad
Sorry I missed this David. I got the dressing in a gift exchange with a forum member. This stuff is really good!!

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