Slow Smoked Playoff Picanha (Q-View)

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Apr 14, 2013
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Got all my chores and food related stuff done early with the idea that I'd put the Picanha roast on the Rec Tec with the remote thermometer and sit down to watch the 49'ers and Eagles game. That was a short lived concept though. I have not seen a TV commercial since watching the Superbowl 3 years ago. I absolutely can't stand the advertising and actually went 20 years without watching any TV at all for this reason. Doesn't look like much has changed. Had the "game" on for 15 minutes or so, about 12 minutes of which were commercials. Couldn't deal with it and turned the TV off. Settled in on the patio (it was well over 80 degrees) with a few cold ones and just enjoyed the weather....which was also short lived. Now to dinner....

Got quite a bit going on here. The neighbors thought the house was on fire :emoji_astonished: This is earlier in the day with 45 pounds of bacon smoking.

The Picanha roast.

Dry brined on one side with kosher salt.

Score the fat cap both directions, rub with black pepper, garlic powder, and coat with minced onion.

Onto the Rec Tec at 200 degrees.

Ran for about 2 hours at 200. When the IT hit 115 I ran the smoker temp up to 260 to set the crust. All done. Pulled at an IT of 128.

Beautiful ruby red color on this thing.

Picanha paradise!!


Plated up with some garlic and herb mashed potatoes, beef & onion gravy, and a nice little salad.

Close up.

Every time I think it can't get any better, something like this comes along. This roast was spectacular. As much as we have loved the tenderloin roasts recently, this was better....way better. It was every bit as tender and decadent as the tenderloin but a much deeper beefy flavor. Smoke was perfect and the seasonings were simple but beautifully balanced. One thing I loved about this one was how thin the fat cap was. I've done several of the Picanha roasts and it seems as thought he fat cap was half of the roast. Not this one. There was enough to melt and render into the meat but by eating time, it didn't even need to be trimmed. Almost all of it had melted into the meat to create a truly exquisite bite. So tender that neither of us used the steak knives we set out. Heck, it was difficult to cut the slices because the meat just wanted to tear, even with a razor sharp knife. Was kinda funny...I was still in the kitchen playing with my food when Tracy took her first bite. Based on her very positive exclamations, I had a feeling I was in for a really good meal :emoji_wink: Guess what's now on the next "Tracy Order From CPB"?? She says this was far and again the best we've had. Gotta get with Joe and find out if these can be gotten in quantity.

Oh well, the meal was better than the game and definitely better than the commercials so I guess it was a victory. Gonna call this one done and brave the horrid weather that's on it's way in. Y'all take care and stay safe. See everybody soon.

Alright everyone no need to go farther then this post, as always its just Robert showing off again! LOL

Just kidding Robert, top shelf as always, beautiful cook!

Alright everyone no need to go farther then this post, as always its just Robert showing off again! LOL

Just kidding Robert, top shelf as always, beautiful cook!

Thats what I keep saying Dave. Robert just setting the bar higher for the rest of us. He do turn out some beautiful meals.

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Very nice cook Robert, and I wouldn't have even spent 10 mins watching a commercial, we are in the same boat as well.... haven't had commercial TV for nearly 20 years now as well.... the only stuff we watch is streamed commercial free.
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Picanha perfection! Picanha is so delicious and you appeared to have taken it to the next level! Very worthy of the ride. Nicely done as per the usual Robert
I'm done with football. My Gosh that's a lot of bacon! Sounds like your feeding Jeff's army. Roast looks spectacular! I may have to get a job so I can buy some of that meat. Looks like we going to get some ice. Might be a couple days before able to leave the house to went to UPS to drop off a return and they all ready closed. Made a quick run to Aldi to get what I need to make Thai beef salad. O forgot limes but hopefully I have enough to make work.
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Game? What game, there was a game on? I was too busy working on my Salami recipes to notice! LOL

That does look good brother, unfortunately I'd have to cremate some of mine for Dana, but mine would be great just like you showed! I've got a couple of those in my freezer I've been meaning to make it on my JoeTisserie Brazilian style, so now I guess you've forced me to get busy on that one!
Beautiful roast, Robert!
I've cooked picanha both this way and as steaks. This way is much superior, imo.
Beautiful meal Robert! My 3 favorite food groups... meat, taters, and gravy lol!

80 degrees... I'd sweat my butt off! Above freezing feels pretty decent anymore!

Holy Cow Robert! That looks stunning! Sounds amazing too! I’ve never tried the Picanha, but now I’m going to find one for a go! Crushing it, glad your house is safe🤣
Well Robert, not sure what to say other than that looks top notch all the way around buddy!

I haven’t tried a Picanha before, but that must change and soon! Have heard nothing but good things about that cut!

BTW, that pic with the smokers at work… just an awesome sight!

Also, Congrats on the ride!
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Looks fantastic Robert! You really have the beef down pat on your cookers. I watched the game off and on. I use commercials to wander the kitchen or browse on the phone. Most things other than love sports I DVR so I can skip the commercials.
Beautiful color on that picanha Robert. Did I read that right 45 pounds of bacon!!!

Point for sure
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Looks great Robert, Very nice plate right there, What is the dressing on the salad

And I know folks are going to laugh at me , But just a little more done for me please. But that is me.
You are cooking for you and Tracy. not some crazy northerner . :emoji_sunglasses: 🤠

And I'm with Chris gmc2003 gmc2003 , 45 pounds of bacon. I'm on my way with the bread tomatoes and mayo. :emoji_yum::emoji_yum::emoji_yum:

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