Slow Smoked Playoff Picanha (Q-View)

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That’s one awesome looking picanha roast Robert! Never had one so I can just take your word for it that it was truly awesome!! That dinner surely looks delicious!

I hear ya about commercials. We cut cable years ago but even the streaming is starting to show commercials. I use that time to quick browse SMF on my phone. I think if I had your weather, I wouldn’t hardly watch tv either.
My first introduction to Picanha was in São Paulo back in the mid 60s. The Brasilerios definitely knew where the 'good stuff' was on a cow and how to prepare it. Totally in agreement with ya Robert. The combined tenderness and rich flavor of this cut IMO is unmatched. Your picanha is perfect my friend.
Alright everyone no need to go farther then this post, as always its just Robert showing off again! LOL
Hey now Dave, be nice. Just as we were starting to become friends you start being mean :emoji_laughing: JK of course. you have all the folks in this forum to blame for me "showing off" because they have enabled me and spurred the creative aspect.
Just kidding Robert, top shelf as always, beautiful cook!
Thanks so much...and I know you were kidding :emoji_wink: About to pull the trigger on 50 pounds of these roasts.

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I'd hit that hard, grats on the ride, nice work Robert!
Thanks so much my friend. With all the interesting stuff I've posted recently getting overlooked, I was happily surprised to see this one up there. Always an honor to get the ride.

man, does that look so good!! totally agree about all the ads!!
Thanks so much for the kind words. I started hating the commercials when I was about 13. By the time I was 20, I'd given up on TV all together. Read a boat load of great books though :emoji_wink:

Thats what I keep saying Dave. Robert just setting the bar higher for the rest of us. He do turn out some beautiful meals.
Jim, he's starting trouble so don't encourage him :emoji_laughing: It is the people in this forum that keep raising the bar. I'm just scrambling trying t keep up. I appreciate the comments though.

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Very nice cook Robert, and I wouldn't have even spent 10 mins watching a commercial, we are in the same boat as well.... haven't had commercial TV for nearly 20 years now as well.... the only stuff we watch is streamed commercial free.
Thanks so much for the kind words. I am technologically inept so this was a scary thing for me. We finally went to streaming 3 years ago with the help of a few great folks here and have never looked back. Gave up cable and everything is through the Firestick now and all subscriptions are commercial-free. I have an HD external antenna hooked up but it's only been used a couple of times.

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Picanha perfection! Picanha is so delicious and you appeared to have taken it to the next level! Very worthy of the ride. Nicely done as per the usual Robert
Thanks so much Tyler. I've gotten to where the only way I'l do a roast any more is the low temp smoke with a high temp finish to set the crust. Every time I've done this it has come out beautifully.

Robert, I'm not sure how I missed this, but that's an excellent meal regardless of the cut of beef and a well deserved ride, my friend!! I don't often see picanha, but it's not quite as rare as hen's teeth and tri-tip around here...🤣.
Excellent work, my friend!!
My Gosh that's a lot of bacon!
Yes but I learned from the very beginning of my bacon makin' career that it takes just as long to cure 10 pounds as it does to cure 40 pounds. Sure, slicing and vac sealing takes longer but you already have the stuff out so go ahead and do a lot.
Roast looks spectacular!
Thank you mt friend. It came out really well.

That does look good brother, unfortunately I'd have to cremate some of mine for Dana, but mine would be great just like you showed!
Thanks buddy. Remember though, you said the same thing about Dana needing hers well done when y'all came over for the tenderloin but she ate it med rare and tore the stuff up. Hopefully we have converted her :emoji_wink:
I was too busy working on my Salami recipes to notice!
Yep, except you forgot one minor ingredient: your starter culture :emoji_laughing:

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Wow that looks terrific! I've not done a Picanha, but this makes me want to try it
Thanks Red!! The picanha is a truly spectacular cut of meat. I've never seen them in a store before but Joe at CPB turned me onto them a few years ago and I immediately fell in love. they are great.

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Beautiful roast, Robert!
I've cooked picanha both this way and as steaks. This way is much superior, imo.
Thanks so much Mike. the ones I've done in the past were grilled, more like a steak. No question that the slow smoked method is far superior. It will be my go-to method from now on.

Beautiful meal Robert! My 3 favorite food groups... meat, taters, and gravy lol!
Very much appreciate it Ryan. I'm with you on all 3 of the required food groups buddy :emoji_laughing: #teamgravy!!
80 degrees... I'd sweat my butt off! Above freezing feels pretty decent anymore!
That weather didn't last long. By early Monday morning it was snowing like crazy and by mid morning we were iced in and have been ever since. We have another ice tragedy going on right now and it's heartbreaking. We are losing trees all over the property. Thank God I took care of the necessities early Monday though. Stopped and loaded up on beer before I cam home...or all the vultures descended and bought it all before I could get ours :emoji_laughing: We're good for a few more days but might be able to get out late tomorrow afternoon.

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