Memorial Weekend Bodacious Bones: Pork Ribs (Pics)

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Nice job on the ribs Robert!
The whole meal looks awesome!
Thanks so much my friend. It was as basic as it can get but very good.
I sure would be proud to build a smoker like yours that performs so well!
Well load Judy up in the 'Stang and come visit for a couple weeks. We'll build you one :emoji_wink: I've got this down to a science now so we could knock it out pretty quick.

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Great looking ribs. And love that plate of goodness. Not a lot of competing flavors so the ribs shine through.
Thanks Jim and a valid point. Basically I'm seeing it as a way for me to justify being lazy and not making a bunch of other side dishes :emoji_laughing:

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Ribs look great Robert! That new smoker is going you right. That salami looks awesome too.
Very much appreciate it my friend. The smoker is a dream and yes, that sausage was off the charts. Had the other roll yesterday for appetizers again for another BBQ session.

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I beg to differ. I should be allowed to enter so everybody has something to laugh at while looking through viable entries. Still waiting to get your entry though :emoji_wink:

now stop that Robert :), you know you put out some very fine foods , and the close up of the close up shots are to die ( maybe not die ) for.
and as for my entry, still waiting for my order of Polar Bear sides to come in from the Hudson Bay Trading Post. :emoji_wink: :emoji_wink: :emoji_sunglasses:
Still have 4 weekends to skin, butcher and smoke it up.

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