Chili - Beans or No Beans

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Nov 1, 2023
Weather finally dropped here in Texas so everyone is making their yearly start of fall/winter chilis. So, the question at hand. Do you put beans in chili or not? My family puts all kinds of beans and some corn to add sweetness. Love to here the forums thoughts.
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Howdy, and welcome to the group from New Mexico.
Hardcore Texans call it soup if it has beans in it.
But, I'm not hardcore, so I put beans in it.
For me it's gotta have beans I've never had it any other way
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No telling what my "stew meat" is as I have the processor save some trim as stew meat rather than grinding it all. Makes some outstanding chili and stew though.
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Beans, chile? Them's fightin' words!
You old enough to the remember the Miller Lite commercials with the
"Great Taste" and "Less Filling" marketing ploy?
Yeah same thing, personal taste.
I prefer beans and lots of cut up veggies.
Anything less is just cover sauce for a sandwich.
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I grew up in Ohio and red kidney beans and ground beef were the basis for any chili. I still love that but I've also grown to love chili that starts with red chili based sauce (guajillo,arbol and ancho) and beef that's not ground like cubed brisket or shoulder mock.
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