New guy, with lots of photos

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Feb 3, 2024
Portland, OR
Hi everyone, just joined today after lurking for a long time. Ex-Minnesotan, lived & ate BBQ in TX for 7 years, now in Oregon for the last 32 years. Meat, homebrewing, old cars & building electric guitars are my interests. Retired in 2012, and have been smiling ever since.

I started out making sausage on an antique Enterprise #5, using it for both grinding and stuffing; what a chore that was:

Here's the very first batch of brats my wife & I made; we were proud of how they turned out:
1st Bratwurst.JPG

I had a small offset grill that I started smoking on:
Kielbasa & Anchor Steam.JPG

But later upgraded to an Oklahoma Joe's barrel:
9.5 lb.jpg

I finally broke down and bought a 5lb. stuffer, and what a difference that made; so much faster:

And earlier this week, I got an LEM #5 Big Bite grinder:

I reviewed literally dozens of videos and amazon reviews before making my decision, and I'm so glad I did. What a top-notch piece of gear this is, and the performance made me realize how hard I was working with that old Enterprise. It makes a guy feel like a pro. Why the #5? 3 reasons:
• I'm cheap
• I'm not a hunter, and I don't make sausage every day or week
• I had extra plates & knives for the Enterprise that I can use.

So of course I had to try it out on a batch of Texas hot links, and they turned out GREAT; nice heat, but not crazy hot:
Texas hot links.png

TX hot links.jpg

Other hobbies- homebrewing beer:

Designing & building electric guitars:
Done, front angle.jpg

And long road trips in my '65 Ranchero. Drove it over to MN for my 50 year class reunion a few years ago, with a stop at the Bonneville Salt Flats to camp & watch some racing. A good buddy & I were on the road for 16 days and 4,800 miles, tent camping the whole way:


I hope to yak with you folks and learn some stuff, especially how to tie off those damn slippery casings!
Welcome to SMF broozer glad you finally joined us.
Love that Ranchero. I've had two, a 1970 and a 76. Both were GT's.
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Beer and BBQ. What could be better. Welcome to SMF!
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Welcome! Nice equipment, Q, brew, car and guitar… Look forward to future threads and pics from you! 👊🏼🍻
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Howdy Broozer and welcome to the community from New Mexico.
Very nice intro... I might just have to try those Texas Hot Links. Thanks for posting.
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Welcome from Iowa! And a great introduction... look forward to more pics!

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Welcome to the mix from an ex and current Minnesotan. Born there and left for over 20 years.
Moved back there around 23 years ago and now winter in Florida but summer in Minnesota.
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