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  1. QITUP Texas

    Chili - Beans or No Beans

    Weather finally dropped here in Texas so everyone is making their yearly start of fall/winter chilis. So, the question at hand. Do you put beans in chili or not? My family puts all kinds of beans and some corn to add sweetness. Love to here the forums thoughts.
  2. S

    Hello from Southern Tier NY

    HI All, Been smoking meats for a few years now and have started an annual BBQ. Always a great success but first start with 15 people. Word has spread and I'm up to about 70 people. From the smoker I limit it to babyback ribs and pork shoulder. What I'm looking for help with is suggestions...
  3. leedcn

    Newbie cooking a NY strip on an Ironwood 885

    Hi everyone. Newbie cooking a NY strip on an Traeger Grills Ironwood 885 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker. It came out disappointing. I cranked it up to 500° and set the steak down 8ish min per side. Floppy, no char nor grill marks. Does this get better with time or am I doing it wrong?
  4. anglingvirginia

    Hey everyone

    Hey everyone! New here from VA, Figured I would introduce myself ! I’m John an I have been grilling for a few years, Just introduced a new line to my resume. Just picked up a new Smoker. If anyone has any pointers shoot me a message or something. Thanks everyone an really am going to enjoy my stay!
  5. O

    J&R Manufacturing Oyler 700 - For sale - in Sacramento, California

    J&R Manufacturing Oyler 700 for sale in Sacramento, CA. The Oyler 700 cooks over 800 lbs at a time. It runs off of wood and has 14 racks on a carousel inside. This one needs a new electric motor and probably a bit of electrical wiring. Light surface rust on the cooking racks. Also light damage...
  6. Daba's BBQ

    July 4th Spare Ribs - Two Different Methods, Side-by-Side

    July 4th BBQ Cook Two different cook methods for these spare ribs. One has my rub. The other is one I bought from Mad Hunky. That rack (bottom one) was also slathered with a little bit of yellow mustard; never slathered anything before. Wish me luck! These should take 4 1/2-5 hours to finish...
  7. Daba's BBQ

    BBQ Books - suggestions?

    Like you, I have a nice selection of bbq and smoking books - Jeff Phillips, Meathead, Myron Mixon, Aaron Franklin, Steven Raichlen - just to name a few. I consider many of these to be staples for folks like us. But over the last year or two, many others have come on the market from Rodney Scott...
  8. Daba's BBQ

    Which Pellet Smoker Do You Own? (poll)

    Camp Chef Oklahoma Joe Traeger Pit Boss Camp Chef Z Grill Weber Masterbilt Other (brand name) Feel free to include the model and when you bought it?
  9. larryb

    bbq gloves

    Any recommendations?
  10. S

    Help. What steel to use?

    Hey all so I need to pick your brains regarding steel choices. Steel choices so I’ve been in contact with several steel suppliers here in the uk and I’ve been able to source 1/4” steel. Black Mild Steel Sheet But now I’m being offered black mild steel sheet, which as I understand is hot...
  11. 4


    Anyone familiar with JED MASTER commercial smokers? I lost mine in a fire and am not having any luck finding another one. Mine was 6' tall X 6' wide X 48" deep, Rotisserie, H2O and charcoal. I purchased off another gentleman, it was inside my concession trailer and he tried about 10 years...
  12. S

    Pellet options in Yakima?

    Options that I know of: Traeger - everywhere (Helliesen Lumber has them for under suggested retail) Cabelas pellets Bear Mountain - Smartfood Service (which is also great for meat) Pitboss - Walmart Where do you other locals get their bags? Any higher end pellets around that I haven't found?
  13. smokinthegoodstuff

    Rotisserie Cooker Trailer competition catering

    We have a super nice, complete custom-made BBQ Trailer with rotisserie, electric hookups, hot water heater, 3-bay sink, lots of storage, large roll out awning. We used this for competitions in the past but after opening our restaurant we now have no need for it. North Alabama $10000 obo Email...
  14. B

    Smoking multiple chunks of cushion meat

    I bought a pack of cushion meat from my local restaurant supply store. (It's the cut called the "picnic ham" [which isn't a cured ham] which is boneless and skinless. I use them for making pulled pork BBQ as well as sausages. The question is, how long should I budget for smoking time? Is it "1...
  15. P

    Howdy From Tennessee!

    Hey all! 35/f from middle Tennessee, here! Finally upgraded from a cheap $15 charcoal grill to a pellet smoker! I didn't do so hot on the brisket, it was wayyyyyy too tough. Had much better luck with beer-butt chicken, baby backs, and burgers, and tonight I'm trying out pork shoulder, cooked it...
  16. smokinchefmmm

    Mesquite Flour

    Hey everybody. So I am trying to get a BBQ program off the ground at my work place. One of the other chefs I am working with sent me a link to this article about mesquite flour. The article mainly focuses on baking and just only off handedly mentions it at the end for rubs and such. I was...
  17. edward36

    Smoked chicken breast pastrami - when smoking IS healthy

    Hey guys, I love making this one - keeps well in the fridge, and if you vacuum pack it and freeze - easy can hold for a month or so... Pastrami is actually originated from Romania, there they call it "pastrama", and they do make it from beef, lamb, turkey, so I said, why not chicken?! Also...
  18. edward36

    "Sunday Fair" style smoked lamb shanks

    Hey guys, Lamb shanks - one of the most underestimated cuts, and absolutely undeservedly. I love those braised or, in this case, smoked pretty much the same way they smoke turkey legs. So here we go! So simple, so delicious - few lamb shanks, rubbed with olive oil and sprinkled with Kajun...
  19. edward36

    Pork belly burnt ends - aka the pig candies

    Hi there, guys! This is my take on the absolutely mouthwatering recipe by Jess Pryles, the one and only! What you will need: - 3-4 lb pork belly, skin off, cut into 3-4cm (1 ½") cubes. - Your favourite BBQ rub - I used a rub with a bit of cherry sweetness in it, e.g. Three Little Pigs Touch...
  20. edward36

    Apple cider beef shorties on the GMG Jim Bowie - absolute treat

    Hi guys, Apple cider and beef short ribs... Never thought it's gonna be that good! Very simple method - 2 hours open smoke, 2 house in a foil pan with apple cider, wrapped, and 30 min rest. Had this very nice rack of 3 ribs. Sprinkled it with a rub from my local supplier - we call it...