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Sep 16, 2007
Fired up the Treager last night around 8pm to smoke a 14 pound brisket.

About 3 min in to the warm up I heard a noise I have come to loath. Sure enough the gfi outlet tripped.
I reset it and tripped again. Tried a Manuel start and nothing. Keeps tripping the gfi. I busted out the portable battery backup and plugged in to it. Presto!

Rain was forecasted and 18 mph winds present. Didn’t want the battery getting ruined
Popped the side cover on big Jake and rolled everything over.


It was around 9pm at this point and everything should stay dry for the night. Treager set at 180. Off to bed

9 hrs In I took a look

It was looking nice.

Wrapped when it got to 170 at 715 am. Turned Treager up to 220 at that point also.

The battery is still going strong

Brisket flat is at 179 according to the trusty FireBoard. Time will tell how it turns out. I need to order a detent rod and a spare.
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View attachment 69540514.75 hrs and it reached 195. Probed for tenderness and still a ways to go.

The battery pack should hold out. It wasn’t fully charged when I started but really close to it.
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Good save! At this point the oven can finish the job should the battery die out. You are almost there and can definitely finish it off. Perseverance is a real thing! :D
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Well we only made it to a 3 hr rest. Wife was getting hangry. The flat is super moist, bend is good and tender is spot on

The smoker ring is pretty good the pictures are not altered


I only sliced a bit off of the end of the point for the wife and I to try. Oh man it’s good. Thanks for looking and hope you have a great weekend. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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