Boneless Prime Rib

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Dec 1, 2019
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My Kroger store had a special for national prime rib day, so I picked up a 3# roast.
I used a coating of Minor's AuJus Prep (liquid) along with some Head Country Marinade (2 teaspoons). The rub is Slap Yo Daddy Beef Moola.
A 2-hour indirect cook, low and slow, brought the internal up to 128°
Looks delicious and perfectly cooked. Great plated shot. Excellent job.
Excellent !!
Beautiful Prime Rib, Third!!
I'd be all over it !
If I was going to change anything, I'd not trim it quite so tight.
Mrs Bear likes hers exactly like yours.

Excellent PR there! I have one of those I've got to do yet. I hope it's half as good as this one.
Awesome looking PR for sure!
I’ve never seen boneless roasts here!
Well, I actually removed the bones and cooked them separately while I let the roast dry for 2 days in the fridge. The reason I re-tied the roast was for uniform shape.

That said, Sam's Club sells boneless PR, we bought these one year for a company Christmas lunch. I did the same trimming and tied for shape.
That is one fantastic looking meal. Simply perfect in every way, especially nailing the PR as you did. Well done!!
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