Boneless Prime Rib

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Everyone.... thanks for all the kind words :emoji_thumbsup:
That is one fantastic looking meal. Simply perfect in every way, especially nailing the PR as you did. Well done!!
About 30 years ago a chef I met told me a prime rib is about the easiest thing to cook if you use low temperatures. Of course he cooked his in a big restaurant commercial oven at 225°, and it was a no brainer for me to experiment with using my smoker. I've got several cookers to choose from and I've even hung a few in my drum smoker with a super sized hook.
That PR is top notch, perfectly cooked! Really liking the plated shot! Nothing there I wouldn’t absolutely devour! Awesome job!
Wow! That is incredible! I’m trying to catch up, this would be destroyed at my house. Amazing as always!
That does look quite tasty - I have a 17 lb piece going this weekend. Let's just say that about 2 1/2lbs of butter is involved. The SYD rub is really good - I bet there wasn't much left :)!
Late to the party but man that thing looks perfect! What are your thoughts on the rub?
I just saw it available locally last week.

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