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  1. thirdeye

    It Must Be Beef Back Rib Time....

    It looks like @Nefarious and I were on the same page, just one day apart. I stopped into a Costco last week for pork bellies, and they had some good looking beef back ribs. I used some Minor's AuJus prep for a binder, and seasoned with salt, pepper, Moola Beef, and Oakridge Santa Maria. I...
  2. thirdeye

    Spare Ribs & Hobo Potatoes

    The day before our big snow storm hit I decided to barbecue some ribs, and for a side I made some hobo potatoes, (aka Boy Scout potatoes, or campfire potatoes) which are a mix of potatoes, onions, garlic, butter and about anything else, and cooked in a foil pouch. Starting off on the kettle at...
  3. thirdeye

    Ever Eaten Lunch at FW Woolworth's Counter?

    In the '70's and '80's our Woolworth's store, which was right smack downtown, had a lunch counter with some pretty good deals. But, let's take a ride on the wayback machine to 1948. Notice there are no hamburgers on this menu.
  4. thirdeye

    Flashback ~ Rib Recipe from Better Homes & Gardens Barbecue Book

    Let's take a trip in the wayback machine to the mid 1950's and see how ribs were being seasoned and cooked. This barrel set-up could be a predecessor of the WSM or drum smokers.
  5. thirdeye

    Check My Salt Percentage Math

    You may recall I tend to favor "lower salt" amounts in my sausage, bacon, ham, buckboard, corned beef, porkstrami, curing brines, and flavor brines. 1.5% salt is my sweet spot, but I will increase to 1.8% on some of the Marianski brothers sausage recipes as that is their sweet spot on many...
  6. thirdeye

    You Think Your Pork Prices Are High? How About $25 a Pound?

    Hehehee. It's our annual 4-H Junior Livestock sale. This porker raised $5700.
  7. thirdeye

    Getting Ready for Fair & Rodeo Parade

    On Tuesday a downtown parade kicks off our Fair & Rodeo week. And for about 20 years my buddy throws a party for clients and friends at his office, which happens to be right at the end of the parade route. I'll be helping again with the prep Monday afternoon, then coming back at 5am Tuesday to...
  8. thirdeye

    Overnight Pork Butt ~ Smoked In A Pan ~ Hot Finish & Holding in Roaster Oven

    I hadn't smoked a butt in a foil pan in several years, and I've been wanting to experiment with wrapping and hot holding in my roaster oven.... so this was a Saturday / Sunday experiment. I started with an 8# bone-in butt and I did minimal trimming, mostly little tags of meat and rounding up the...
  9. thirdeye

    Boneless Prime Rib

    My Kroger store had a special for national prime rib day, so I picked up a 3# roast. I used a coating of Minor's AuJus Prep (liquid) along with some Head Country Marinade (2 teaspoons). The rub is Slap Yo Daddy Beef Moola. A 2-hour indirect cook, low and slow, brought the internal up to 128°
  10. thirdeye

    Oriental Bronto Ribs ~ Flanken Style

    Thursday I cooked some sliced Bronto ribs (or flanken ribs if you prefer). They were graded Choice, so they must have been high Choice :emoji_thumbsup: . I used Oakridge's Saigon 21 rub for about 6 hours, then brushed on a mix of soy sauce, vinegar, agave nectar, sesame oil and five-spice...
  11. thirdeye

    Cervelat ~ My Way

    Cervelat is about any mildly seasoned, cured, smoked, semi-dry sausage that includes most "Summer sausage" formulations. I wanted to take it to a new level so I went a tick spicier on pepper, added hi-temp cheese and some jalapeno peppers. My goal with this batch was to enjoy it chilled with...
  12. thirdeye

    Pop's Brined ~ Warm Smoked ~ With Sous Vide Finish

    About once a month I'll pick up a family pack of boneless breasts, packaging some for the freezer and at least 4 or 5 to brine and smoke for sandwiches or in salads. I freeze these individually so I can pull out one or two at a time. I used to hot smoke finish on my drum or Big Chief, but a...
  13. thirdeye

    Not Your Ordinary Hash....

    Usually I make hash from leftover pork butt, ham, corned beef, pastrami, chuck or even brisket. But recently I tried something way different. I've cooked the regular Spam before, but I haven't had any for a few years. On my buddies advice, I went with the Spam Lite as it's lower in salt, which...
  14. thirdeye

    Spanish Stew with Potatoes, Chorizo and Pork

    This is major comfort food, but the flavors take it up a notch. Here are the raw ingredients. The smoked chorizo is the Basque style like is served in Northern Spain, and the pork is a Coppa roast (aka money muscle roast). Not shown is a container of smoked pork broth I made from neck bones...
  15. thirdeye

    Pork Steak Anyone?

    These are full length pork steaks.... all the major muscles came to the party, even the narrow strip under the false cap. I started these on the kettle, I'm still getting used to the water reservoir. After a couple of hours I moved over the Egg for the raised direct finish and crisp up.
  16. thirdeye

    Flatstrami -vs- Chuckstrami ~ Which Will Come Out On Top?

    Today was a showdown between a Sam's Club "Member's Mark" branded corned beef that I pastramied..., and a 13-day home corned chuck roast that I wet brined and pastramied. Both were in the 4# range. I used the same rub, and cooked at the same time and temp. Both had a pressure finish to an...
  17. thirdeye

    Dry Cured Jerked Beef

    Yesterday I smoke dried a couple of batches of jerky in my Big Chief box smoker. Because it's thin, the dry cure time is only 25 to 30 hours, and for flavor I used some homemade garlic pepper seasoning. I'm using pecan pellets from A-Maze-N, and for me.... they work much better than...
  18. thirdeye

    Lemon Chicken Lollipops On A Vertical Skewer

    I recently bought some Brazilian barbecue skewers with threaded drip pans to test out and really like them. For this cook I layered the chicken from top to bottom with lemon slices on the skewers. As the chicken cooks the lemon caramelizes and sort of self bastes the chicken, and leaves you...
  19. thirdeye

    Goose Egg Frittata With Pig Shots

    I guess 'Breakfast' is the most fitting forum since this involves eggs even though we had breakfast for dinner :emoji_nerd: . First I made pig shots which are a slice of sausage (for the bottom), bacon (which forms the shot glass) a filling of cream cheese, sour cream, BBQ rub, jalapenos and...
  20. thirdeye

    Porkstrami ~ Round Two

    In mid-May I posted about a Porkstrami cook where I used the @daveomak injection technique he designed for shoulder and loin 'hams' then used a modified Pop's Brine as a covering brine.... so a combination cure to produce 'corned' pork butt. I took the corned pork butt, seasoned it with my...