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    cool Dave... hope you can make it...
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    yea i think on the map i looked at it said "Reservation Hall this way" with an arrow pointing north.
  3. dougmays

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    Looks like more people are leaning towards Highlands then Peace River..i'll call both but good to know.
  4. dougmays

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    Hey everyone,

    sorry for being a little out of pocket the past couple weeks...been super busy with work and other stuff.

    back on it now! calling both parks today to work out logistics and i'll report back what i find.
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    Alright...so i tried to call both places to get information. I got a very informative staff member at Highlands Hammock and no answer at Peace River. I think there phones were not working because i was sent to a voicemail and couple times then i called and silence. I'm going to put information that we know now and i'll update as i'm able to get more.

    Camping Information

    Option #1: Highlands Hammock State Park

    Recreation Hall $107/day. $214 total for the 2 days we'll need it

    Tent and RV camping is $22/night. so between $44-$66 depending when you play to go and come. reservations must be made individually and not as a group. The staff member also said that we dont qualify for a group discounts. only youth groups are allowed the group site.

    We can get spots close to the rec hall. The rec hall has 2 stoves, 2 fridges, and bathrooms

     Option #2: Peace River

    No Indoor Rec. Hall that i can find

    Group Site $100/day including up to 10 people ($4 additional per person after first 10)

    RV sites: $60/day with full hookup

    Wilderness camping (primitive, camp wherever i that area) if you would rather not camp with the group is $15/night

    Groups sites have Shelters that can fit up to 50 people, comes with 2 picnic tables and "limited" electrical and water hookups (nuthin' a few power strips, ext. cords and hoses can't fix)

    Option #3: Fish Eating Creek (previous 2 years location)

    Only hold back is the minimum of 3 nights for all reservations (rv's and tents)

    RV Sites: $29/night. ~$90 for 3 nights

    Tent Camping (not group site) - $16-$26/night. $48-$78

    Group site $135/night for up to 20 people. $405

    there are 3-4 tent sites in the woods behind the Screen Room if we decide to go here again and not get the group site. Also if we stay here i'll make sure the staff keeps other campers from  using our screen room. last year it was a battle to use the facilities we paid extra for
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  6. dougmays

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    Hammocks does looks very nice camp ground wise.

    having a hard time deciphering the map that is on Hammocks website versus the one on the reservation site. might call to find out tomorow but the closest tent/rv sites to the recreation hall look booked...more to come..
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    I have no problems with switching campgrounds... except for Peace Rivers prices of $60 a night ( I can't do that)... As far as Fish Eating Creek goes.... I think we should let them know that we are actively seeking other places as they are not willing to work with us.... maybe they will change their tune.... keep us informed Doug.. and sooner is better than later...
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    Thank you for doing all of this leg work.

    Not like I have a dog in the fight. I would lean towards either #1 or #3, but as said you can let them know we are looking at other areas and play the price/accommodations game.......people do it all the time to the convention center I work for.......
  9. Hey Doug

    At Highlands Hammock, sites 79 thru 89 are only across the street from those closest ones which are reserved.

    I'm with Keith, forget Peace River, too pricey.

    In my humble opinion, I think Highlands Hammock would be the best. Air Conditioned Rec Hall, full kitchen with refrigeration, etc. Overall price is better than Fish Eating Creek, much nicer camping sites, if it rains at all the few days prior to our event, Fish Eating Creek sites will be muddy.

    But, which ever way we go, it needs to be soon as that is a holiday weekend, we need to get reservations ahead of time.

  10. Also at Highland Hammocks you can put two tents on each site which means $11.00 per night for tent camping.

    Did I say I much prefer Highlands Hammock?[​IMG]
  11. dougmays

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    LOL...ok Highlands it is! From the pictures it does look like a very nice camp ground!

    i'll go on today and try to rent a few of those sites...and the rec hall. 

    Can anyone who is definitley tent camping let me know asap so i know how many sites to get...as Ron said we can do 2 tents per site so maybe i'll get 2 for now and we'll go from there.

    Ron and Keith...are those sites 79-89 large enough for your RV's? Ron i believe you have the longest one....
  12. dougmays

    dougmays Limited Mod Group Lead

    84 is max length of 40'..this might be best for Ron's RV

    85 is only 25'. I might take this on and see if i'm allowed to park my truck at the spot.

    86 is max lenth of 35, this might be ideal for you keith

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  13. Doug

    Got a new RV, now 42' I will get site 84 it is good for 45'.  If we are good to go on the Rec Hall for those dates, I'll go ahead and reserve my site. Also Doug, as I said before, lets accept donations toward the Rec Hall cost and then I will split the balance with you.

    Let me know when it is set so I can get my reservations. Thanks for your efforts.

  14. dougmays

    dougmays Limited Mod Group Lead

    i'm going to call the park after my next meeting here at work and check on the rec. hall. looks like i cannot book it on the same reservation site. i'll post up on here as soon as it's reserved.

    sounds good on the donation and splitting costs.

    be back in about an hour...
  15. dougmays

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    Ok so i just called Highland Hammock an the rec hall is available only on the 8th and 10th...it's book satruday the 9th....that throws a wrench in the gears since that is usually are biggest day with the competitions and what not.

    We could try to go with out the rec hall...if we feel like we do not need fridge and ovens. Or we could reserve the rec hall for sunday and possibly the group that is in there might leave earlier on saturday. We could switch things up and do our competitions and everything on Sunday and leave saturday as a easy going day? thoughts?
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  16. That's tough, as a lot of people would want to leave early on Sunday because of work on Monday.

    We will work with whatever you want to do. Keep us advised.
  17. dougmays

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    i was going to see if there was some more chatter about this today. What is everyone thoughts on not having a screen room? if we have enough pop-up canopies maybe that'll be enough shade :/
  18. jckdanls 07

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    I'm still looking at the map and I'll be damned if I can even find the rec hall.. as to where it is in conjunction with the camp sites....

    As far as the rec hall goes... that sucks that Sat. is not available... I know Bill has an EZ UP.. I also have poles, ropes, and stakes to make an EZ UP with a tarp... don't have a tarp anymore as it dry rotted...

    I agree... we need people to chime in and give their thoughts and opinions...
  19. Hey Guys

    I say we go for it. I have 2 easy ups also a 15 X 30 canopy I can bring. The campsites appear to be big enough to set it up.

    I think we can handle it.
  20. jckdanls 07

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    that will also save everybody a little money as to not have to rent the Rec hall

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