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  1. Doug, you might want to try Arcadia Peace River Campground 800-559-4011
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    First... Ron.. hey bub.. how you making out ?... glad to see ya

  3. jckdanls 07

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    comparing rates... 2 nights at fish eating creek is equal to 1 night at Peace River... Peace River is pretty nice...
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    For some stupid reason I assumed (and we all know what that does) this gathering was way down south in Fl and just figured it was too so never read this thread. Well I'm so fired up for NFL I decided to read it and Orlando area isn't that far from me so I am penciling it in for right now. I know it is still a long way off but time flies so you can put me down as a definite tentative for sure maybe. Hard for me to fully commit this early but I will keep up with this and when I can commit I will let you know.
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    Dave... that would be great... I'll tell ya more about it this weekend...
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    Cool, I'm already thinking about it!
  7. Hey Keith, Yea it feels good to be back in the thick of things. Back surgery sure does take alot of time for healing.

    Peace River is more costly for us with RVs, but for the group area it is not too bad. Doug paid $200.00 last year, and Peace River is $200.00 for the 2 days plus $10.00 per person per day for the group site including the shelter with electric. And it is alot nicer park. Besides, I was born in Arcadia.

    But hey, I am OK with what ever site is chosen. I'll just be happy to be there.
  8. Another possibility would be Highlands Hammock State Park in Sebring.
  9. dougmays

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    I've actually camped and canoed at peace river, it crossed my mind but i didnt think there was a RV site...that 's awesome i'll look into it and maybe i can sweet talk them into giving us a event discounts for everyone...RV and Tent campers alike! More to come...Glad to see people are not adverse to changing the location, i was afraid of that.
    Dave...when Al and I started this things 3 years ago we were originally thinking SOUTH florida...but realized that if we moved a little more northern we'd get orlando and tampa people.....and come to find out we also got jacksonville and panhandle people! So that's great if your thinking of coming down!

    more to come on locaiton...glad we started this early :)

    Also glad to hear your recovering well Ron! Cant wait to see you again and drool over that awesome smoker you have
  10. I looked at Peace River rates a little closer and the group area with shelter, electric, tables, and plenty of camp area for tents is $100.00 per day up to 10 people and then $10.00 per day for each person over that number of 10. Rv camp spots are also next to the group area. As doug said, if they will consider a discount because there will be RVs along with the group, then the pricing might work out to be resonable.
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    We have penciled in the dates.......

    I really want to go........work caused me to miss last year and the N Fl I missed due to double booking........ These look to be so much fun.....
  12. dougmays

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    hey guys...i've been out of town for the past 4 days so getting back into the swing of things. i'm going to look into and probably call Peace River tomorrow.

    Glad to see the attendee list is growing :)
  13. dougmays

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    Hey Ron, Highlands Hammock looks like a nice place as well...ill check on both. This one has a Recreation Hall that is $100/day and has AC and tables..doesn't say on the website if they have a kitchen or not. Do you know if peace river has something like this?
  14. Peace River has covered shelters(not very big) with tables and electric which is the group campsite for tent camping. It is $100.00 a day for up to 10 people and additional campers for the group site is $10.00 each person.

    Next to the group site is RV camping which means everyone who wanted to, can be together.

    I found on the website for Highlands Hammock that the recreation hall does have a full kitchen. One drawback though is the group camping is a good distance away with very few amenities. I guess everyone could get regular RV lots, they are listed as tent or RV, that way everyone could be together for camping. Would need to make sure we can have Smokers at the rec. hall.

    Highlands Hammock would probably be the best. Campsites for RV or Tents are only $22.00, and the Rec Hall with AC, electric, and full kitchen for $100.00 a day. Add it all up and compare the two and overall turns out to be less money. Also the cost of the rec. hall should be paid by whomever wants to contribute rather than you paying the whole cost. If enough is not donated to cover it, then I will split the balance with you.

    What ever you decide, I am good with. I'll help with whatever needs to be done.

    Also something to consider is that weekend, they are having some kind of festival at Highlands Hammock, would need to be sure it would not affect our plans on the Rec Hall and campground.
  15. dougmays

    dougmays Limited Mod Group Lead

    Ron your the man! Thanks for going ahead and doing this research! i've been super busy the past few weeks and haven't had the time to do so!

    i'm going to call both tomorrow and get prices (hopefully with some discounts) and logistics (other events)
  16. If you decide on Highland Hammock let us know so we can get reservations ASAP.  I would suggest site numbers 79 thru 89 for those that want to camp together and be the closest available to the rec. hall, and they also allow two tents per site.
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    Just put in for the time off. Should be able to attend since we have better Chef coverage now.......

    Will be keeping an eye out for where it is decided.
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    Hey Ron... I was looking at the map... I see the site's your suggesting (79-89).. but I don't seem to find the location of the rec hall... I agree about reserving as soon as possible... since it's a holiday wknd...
    I'll look around some more...
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  19. Hey Keith, from those sites I mentioned, go north to the intersection, turn right and the rec hall is just out of the picture. Sites 130 thru 138 are a little closer but they are all reserved. The camp sites are really NICE, Go on Reserve America Website, select the park and then get the map and click on each site to get pictures of the site. If the rec hall is available that weekend, I really think that park would be our best bet.
  20. s2k9k

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    Keith, that wedding I said I had to go to is the following weekend so it's looking good so far, still a long way off but I'll be watching this thread and will confirm when it gets closer.
    Highland Hammock is looking good to me, it's closer to home :biggrin: !!!

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