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    Doug, I expect to be in a tent again so put me in the site sharing pool. Been shopping for an RV but not in a hurry, still researching, not sure when I'll actually buy one if at all. I also have a pop up canopy and an old school tarp type canopy that uses poles and stakes that I can bring if we need it. We'll also probably need our own tables and chairs if we go with highland hammock with no screen room. I have the 6' folding table I brought last year and can most likely borrow another like it from my neighbor. Also have a stack of 6 plastic Rubbermaid chairs but not sure what I may be able to borrow.

    On a side note, did you try to leverage fisheating creek with the threat of moving our gathering? We could also pass on the group site to save $$ being that we only had 4 or 5 tents there last year. I think they also allow more that one tent per regular site and those sites across the road looked pretty nice and are certainly close enough to keep the group together.

    I see this highland hammock is a state park. Wondering what their alcohol policy is?
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    All good points Don... Would be interesting to hear what Patty and Allen have to say or offer... as far as alcohol is concerned... the rules say YES.. in designated areas... which i would say your campsites are designated...
  3. If everyone is good with using canopy and pop ups I will rent site 88 for the gathering area to set up the 15' X 30' canopy, and site 89 for my RV.

    By renting the extra site it gives us water and electric at the gathering area.

    Would like to hear from everyone before I commit.
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    Ron.. that's a pretty good idea as well... we can all donate towards the "gathering area" site... we could also put your smoker in the gathering site behind the canopy.. if it's close enough to your site... (that's assuming there's not enough room at your site) ...

    I was looking at the satellite view of the park... from what I can see the sites are pretty wooded.. ...
  5. Hey Keith

    If you go on the parks website and click on the reservation link on the right, you can select the different sites and view 3 pictures of each site. They are all partly shaded but plenty of open space, plus all the sites around the two I mentioned are available. I like Doug would get a couple extra sites as I have 2 other couples almost committed to going.

    Looking at the pictures it seems to be a really nice place.

    We do a lot of state park camping and they always have nice parks, and there is no problem with adult beverages. Like any place else, you still need to behave yourself.[​IMG]
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    Alrighty! Now we have ourselves a plan! Ron that's a great idea to get a spot dedicated as a social gathering area! as keith said we can get a donation pool going.

    Ron is your getting 89 and 88, ill get 80 and 81 across the path so we'll whole "block" to ourselves. Keith maybe you can get 87?

    Don you and your family can either share with me or use the other site i'm reserving with another party. we'll divvy up who is where as we know better who is coming.

    I believe the rules state that you cannot park a non-rv vehicle in the tent spots, but i'm curious if we can park trucks in the RV sites, even if we are tent camping?

    Does anyone know there cancellation policy? if we get to many sites OR if FEC gives us some killer deal and we decide to switch back. I'm 80% sure Patty is not going to honor any kind of deal for us as it's been hard enough getting information out of her or even a reply about our yearly gathering. But i'm going to email her now and tell her we are likely switching locales....i'll let you know if she responds with anything significant.

    Sounds like we'll have ourselves a large Popup Fortress!

    Ron - 2 large canopies

    Don - 1 Large Canopy, 2 folding tables and plastic chairs

    Doug - Folding table and i plan to get a popup canopy as well

    Who needs a stinking AC'd building with ovens and fridges LOL
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  7. Doug

    The vehicle parking means only you can not use a non RV vehicle to sleep in, you must use a tent.

    I think I have two other couples coming so I will reserve 78, 79, 88, 89, if Keith gets 87 next to the gathering site, and you across the street in 80, 81, that will still leave 5 more sites in our little neighborhood for additional folks.

    If I don't hear from you by this evening on FEC I will get my sites reserved.

    The cancellation policy is a fee of $17.75 
  8. dougmays

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    i emaiedl patty and allen this morning after my last post on here. i'm going to wait till 3pm and if i dont hear back i'll make my reservations. if i hear back before and it's not positive ill post on here and reserve then.

    i'm getting excited!!
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  9. dougmays

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    on another note...does anyone know any sign/banner makers? Would be awesome to get banner of the SMF logo and South Florida Gathering!
  10. dougmays

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    no word from fish eating creek. all go for highlands! i think it'll be a nicer environment anyway! reserving 80 and 81 now

    **Update** 80 and 81 Booked!! [​IMG]
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  11. All set on this end. Have one additional couple coming with us bringing their own RV.

    I have reserved site 79 for our guests, site 89 for my RV, and site 88 for the gathering tents,

    Now that it is set, I am so ready, especially after missing last year.[​IMG]
  12. s2k9k

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    Site 86 is now reserved!

    Yea Y'all talked me into it!!!

    I will be tenting so there is room on site 86 if someone wants to share with me.

    If anything changes and I can't make it I will keep the reservation open if someone else wants to use the site!!!

    This is worse than smoking cheese!.....Cheese is only a 2-3 week wait!!!!

    I also have a 10X10 easy-up I can bring if we need it!
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  13. S2,

    That's great, happy to have you attending. It will be a great time.

    You got that right on the wait, but you can't plan this too early, especially for a holiday weekend.


    I will also be bringing 3 tables and some chairs.

    I will check with a place here on the banner, can you do a digital file of what you want and email it to me?
  14. s2k9k

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    I saw every site has a picnic table, does anyone know if they are chained down or anything? If not we could probably move them into the gathering area.
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    OK... site 87 is mine.. all booked... I might be staying there for a few more nights afterwards before heading down to Homestead since it's only $11 a night for Sr's... the only thing i wasn't liking about it is that it's only up to 28'.. my campers 24' so doesn't leave me much room for parking...
  16. jckdanls 07

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    oh yea.. just talked to Bill and told him he needs to come and check in... get his site and all that.... so we'll see... Dave.. glad your gonna make it.. will be good to see ya again... damn it man.. why does it have to be so far away (time wise)... can't wait till Nov.
  17. Doug,

    I know you are looking at that smoker in Jacksonville. I am going to Green Cove Springs tomorrow to pick this up for my next project. Got it from a government surplus auction.


    Can't decide whether to make it electric or gas, so will probably make it both so I can go either way. Will probably need another AMNPS to provide enough smoke for it.

    Am bidding on this at another auction.

  18. s2k9k

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    Keith, I just looked and 86 says it's good up to 35', if that would work better we can trade. I just picked 86 because someone said 87 would be good for you.
  19. jckdanls 07

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    Dave.. we'll see what it looks like when we get there... thanks for the offer....

    Ron... that looks like it would be a great smoker... dunno how portable she would be...LOL... can't wait to see you and the Misses as well since we didn't see ya last year....
  20. Keith,

    They may say 28, but those sites are larger than they say also very wide. There will be plenty of space, but we all can swap around, whatever we need to do so everyone is comfortable. I hear ya on the extra days. We are going down on Thursday and may stay past Sunday, it all depends on whatever is happening at that time.

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