50th Wedding Anniversary—Prime Rib—Hickory Smoked (Panned)

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50th Wedding Anniversary—Prime Rib—Hickory Smoked (Panned)

Well I Finally got there!! AMAZING!!!
There has been many times I had doubts that I’d ever make it to this point, so every day is like Gravy to me!

Our 50th Wedding Anniversary is actually on December 27th, but we decided to have our Dinner a little early again, because like I said last year, of all the other Holidays around that same time. We always have so much Ham & all kinds of other leftovers, that it’s not a great time for our Prime Rib & the few days of Prime Rib Sammies that always come after our Anniversary.

It’s hard to believe how stuffed our Fridge gets after the Big Family Christmas Party Dec 24, then Christmas Dinner at home on the 25th, then our Anniversary on Dec 27, New Years Eve Dinner, New Years Day “Pork & Sauerkraut”, and then finally my Birthday on Jan 3rd. Wheww—I’m beat just thinking about all that !!

And now they tell me Bear Jr is throwing a “50th” Party for us on Jan 6, and inviting all of our Siblings, which will be a total of 14 on Jan 6th (No Kids or Grandkids).
This should be a lot more fun for Mrs Bear than last year, as she went into the Hospital last year on our 49th Anniversary Day for her second Brand New Hip.

So that’s why we moved our Anniversary Dinner up again a bit!!!

Here’s how we did it:
This will be a Small 3 pound, 14 ounce Prime Rib, after the bones have been removed.
I will be using Hickory Pellets in my AMNPS for this one.
I will be again smoking with a Smoker Temp of 220°, so I can get the same Perfect Tender Medium Rare Pink Beef from Bark to Bark as always.

Prepping (Day Before):
Rinse, Pat Dry, and cut a block pattern through the fat cap to the meat. Then give it a good coat of Lea & Perrins Bold Steak Sauce” (formerly known as Worcestershire Thick), and put it on a Wire Cooling Rack, in a Foil Pan. Then apply some CBP, Garlic Powder, and Onion Powder. Then put it in my fridge overnight, until Smoking Time. I used to add some Sea Salt at this time, but I cut way back on Sodium since a Dr ruined my Kidneys (among other things).

Smoking Day:
10:30—————Preheat my MES 40 to 220°.
10:30—————Fill 2 rows of AMNPS with Hickory Pellets, and light one end.
11:15—————Put Smoking AMNPS on Right side of Smoking Rack in bottom position, just above the Chip Dumper.
11:30—————Put Roast on wire cooling rack, in foil pan, on Smoking Rack in 2nd Position of 6 position smoker.
1:00—————-Heat dropped to 190°—Had to lean plywood in front of MES Window to block Sun from shining on MES Heat Sensor.
1:30—————-Wipe my clean Meat probe with an alcohol wipe & insert in center of Roast. Internal Temp is at 106°.
2:00—————-115° IT
2:30—————-128° IT
3:15—————-138° IT
3:20—————-140° IT—-Cut heat back to 140° and open door to get down to 140° fast.
3:25—————-140° IT—-Smoker Temp peaked at 169° from inside residual smoker heat.
3:35—————-140° IT—-Set Smoker Temp to 150°, but it is still 155°.
3:50—————-140° IT—-Remove Prime Rib from Smoker.

Slice, plate, add sides, Take Pics, and Eat.

Note: Putting Prime Rib Roast on a wire cooling rack in a foil pan does not show any loss of smoke flavor, and makes for less clean-up needed.

Also: This was another Awesome Smoked Prime Rib!!

Thanks For Looking,


Small Prime Rib @ 3lb 14oz, in Freezer since 12-23-2016: (2 years)

Bottom Side:

Top cross-hatch cut through fat to meat, on cooling rack, in Pan:

Seasoned & ready to cover & put in fridge for overnight rest:

Had to lean plywood in front of MES window to block Sun from hitting MES Heat Sensor:

Ready to move to Kitchen:

Close-up look before removing:

Fresh out of Smoker. Notice how no juices leave Prime Rib when I smoke them at 220°:
This is why I don't need AuJus---The juice is still in the Meat:

Ready for slicing:

All Sliced up---Right plate for future Sammies---Left Plate for Supper:

Cut Thinner for Sammies:

Bear's Supper:

Dessert of Lemon Meringue Pie. Bears love this Stuff!

Congratulation to You and Mrs Bear!! We will be celebrating 30 years on Dec 24th Like
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You da Man, Prime Rib is awesome as usual
And a BIG HAPPY 50th from all of us in East Texas, We are not far behind
again Congrats

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Congrats to the Bears!!!! And that meal looks great too!!! Points on both lol, Not something you see very often anymore. Good for you guys.
Happy Half a Century to Mr. and Mrs. Bear!

Oh yeah, damned nice meat.
John you're the King of Prime Rib.

Thank You Much, John!!
And Thanks for the Like.

Thank You My Brother!!
And back at you with the Congrats!!
And Thanks for the Like.

I had a 50th anniversary on Friday the 14th Home from Nam
Would have been married 50 years in April but my 1st wife passed away.
Great looking prime rib Bear, and congrats on the milestone! I'll be doing a similar roast in a few days.
Wife and I are only at 37 anniversaries, but I hope to still be smoking at 50, just like you.
Nice and rare just the way I like prime rib. Great job on the meat and congratulations on the 50th.

Point for sure.
Congrats Bear now and on the 27th. Great looking Prime...
We just celebrated 25th on the 10th. Seems like very busy time of year.
Happy anniversary Bear! My anniversary is on December 27th too... only 27 years for us!

The prime rib looks perfect! Like

Thank You Coach!!
Hang in there Coach---You'll get there!!
And Thanks for the Like.

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