Burger Meat Ratio

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Original poster
Sep 28, 2022
Hello, I'm going to be making my own ground meat for burgers!
My thought is to use a mix of Ribeye, Prime Rib, and Baby-Back Rib meat.

What would YOU suggest as the best ratio for the meats? I love my burgers to be as rich and juicy as possible.

Was considering doing 2 parts Ribeye 1 part Prime Rib and 1 or 1/2 parts Pork Rib

Any input is greatly appreciated as I'm new to this. 😅 Thank you so much!
No offense, but I think you're going overboard:
First of all, the meat from a Prime Ribeye is the exact same thing as the meat from a Prime Rib, because a Prime Ribeye Steak is a slice of Prime Rib.
You might get a better kick from adding pork rib, but I would think any pork would fill the bill.
As for the mix percentages:
I was always happy with my Deerburgers being;
50% Venison
25% Beef
25% Pork

So I would think a 50/50% mix of Pork & Beef would make me smile.

I grind and mix whatever I have from breaking down and trimming up cryo vac'd meats .
Awhile back I did a whole rib roast and a whole strip loin . Saved the clean trimmed , ground it up and mixed it together . Made great burgers , and was a by product of the roast and steaks .
If I have pork , I'll grind and mix it in also . I don't worry about how much of one or the other , and I can tell the lean to fat by looking at it . If it's to lean I use it for taco meat , sloppy Joe's and the like .
I just did a 3 pack of whole pork spares . They had the brisket flap on them , and I deboned the tips . All pork rib trim . Nothing else added .
Used that to make a chub of SS , but would have been good mixed into burger meat also .
For a burger mix just make sure you have enough fat to bind it . I know some like to use pork belly with beef .
If I grind for burgers as the main purpose I use a whole brisket and don't add anything else .
Bear & Chop pointed you in the right direction. Save the Ribeye for the grill. Find a brisket on sale and grind it up. I've mixed up burger and ground pork and that was good. If you like juicy burgers keep the fat content higher. Welcome to the website!
I grind burgers two ways. The first way and my wife's favorite are Hipshot burgers, cooked on the Weber over hot coals.

#2 is straight ground brisket, best off the flattop griddle. Had one last night as a matter of fact. Save the ribeye money for a ribeye dinner. RAY
This is the yield from breaking down the whole ribeye .
About 2 lbs. of grind from trimming .
Strip loin .
This is the thin edge cubed up to grind .
I know it's not a direct answer to the question , but this approach gave me about 3 1/2 pounds of grind .
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