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Discussion in 'Beef' started by squatch, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. I have GRILLED several hundred Tri Tip, but being fairly new to the wonderful art of smoking meat this will be my first attempt doing them on the smoker... I keep reading through all these Tri Tip threads so I had to give it a go!

    How bad can it possibly be?  [​IMG]
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    Tri tip is our favorite cut if beef to smoke! Good luck!
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  3. Hey, thanks dirtsailor ! [​IMG]

    Everything turned out AWESOME!

    Keeping in mind this is the "Beef" forum I will focus mainly on  the 2 different Tri-Tip, both of which turned out great and were quickly devoured by lucky local test-puppies... couldn't get them to say much about it though, aside from "Mmmmmmm" which I happily took as a compliment.

    I experimented with 2 different versions, one wet marinated overnight in "Pappy's Wine Marinade", and the other given a moderate dry rub applied about 2 hours before smoking which consisted of a light dusting of each: Tatonka Dust, freshly ground grilling salts imported from Italy, freshly ground gourmet garlic salts, and freshly ground black peppercorns.

    My smoker temp varied a bit, but for the most part I tried to keep it around 230* or so. (22.5" WSM burning 50/50 mix of Oak lump and briquettes along with fist-size hunks of Mesquite for additional flavor)

    I continued to smoke them until the thicker one read 135* IT (we like ours med.rare), which took approximately 3 hours. Once they hit 135* I moved them over to a preheated (600* give or take) gas grill to be reverse-seared on both sides for just a couple minuets. Once seared, the steaks were moved indoors onto a cutting board and tented with aluminum foil, and allowed to rest an additional 10-15 minuets before slicing. 

    Here we are 3 hours into the smoke and ready for searing

    Sear (reverse-sear) directly over high direct heat for a couple minutes each side whenever possible to seal in all that juicy goodness and get some nice grill marks in the process!

    Foil tent and allow them rest

    Wine marinade version sliced

    Dry-rubbed version

      My own slightly modified version of Dutch's Wicked Baked BEANS!...slow smoked with multiple various drippings and tidbits for nearly 4 hours 

    Courtesy shot of the Asian Pork which is another home-made recipe I should save for another thread

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    Dang nab it man thems there looks great. Nice job

    A full smoker is a happy smoker
  5. Thanks driedstick!

    I'd be willing to trade for some of those Bloody Mary Snack Sticks!
  6. mossymo

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    Nice looking tri-tips Squatch!
    What are your thoughts on the Tatonka Dust flavor?
  7. Thanks MossyMO!

    I like the taste of the Tatonka Dust... give's meat a smoky, cooked over wood or coal flavor right out of the bottle (even if you were to cook over a gas grill with no smoke it would still help give off that flavor I would think)... the only slight down side is the color which is no biggie, but it almost makes things look burnt or over-charred even when it's not. The first time I tried it I used a generous coat of Tatonka Dust (only), and I thought it turned out pretty tasty... but I wanted more salt and pepper. So this time around I gave a light dusting of Tatonka along with a dusting of various salts and peppers as well and the flavor was closer to what I like.

    When this bottle runs out, I will buy another.
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    mmm mmMMM MMMMMMMMM (ever hear that before?)
  9. Thanks JckDanls 07!

    She won't normally eat red meat... that's why I cook some form of pork or poultry with each smoke, and then my wife say's "mmm mmMMM MMMMMMMMM" when she eat's some of that Asian Pork shown above!  [​IMG]

    Here's a link to the recipe if anyone would care to give it a try!
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  11. Thanks for the thumbs up Yotzee! 
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    Great to hear! Like you I like to refresh or strengthen the flavor by adding a light shake of Tatonka Dust just a few minutes before removing food from the grill or smoker, this seems to give the strongest flavor for me.
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    Looks good Squatch! Tri-tip is always a winner around these parts too! Good looking pork too.
  14. Thanks Humdinger!

    Yes sir, I love me some Tri Tip... I pick up one or two every time they go on sale which luckily is about twice a month around here!

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