Jimmy Dean regular Premium Pork sausage, breakfast clone by Dave in AZ

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Thx! I have some threads here or at meatgistics on deciphering and replicating the Taylor Pork Roll. I went at it starting from the ingredients labels on 5 different pork rolls, plus a few tasting videos, and eating it myself for flavors. Dont think I've been to len poli site, though I do see it referenced. But I did see your recipe from there referenced here a few times. I make a lot of bacon, and also do fermented sausage, so I didn't want to add bacon to mine, and also wanted to ferment for lactic tang. After a few batches and testing encapsulated LACTIC acid as well as ECA, and chatting with @DougE Here, I tried your recipe also, adding bacon but no port (think you modded it to that later), and I quite enjoyed it! At this point, I'm finding I like a pork roll with added smoked bacon, ELA instead of ferment, just sous vide but no smoke, and a few added bologna type spices (coriander, mace, wh pepper, bl pepper, paprika, smoke hickory powder). I know it's heretical, but I've deviated away from Taylor's lol. Your version is very good and fast, and well within the hoop of what I now like better ;) Thx again!
Totally agree. I ditched the fake maple syrup and the bacon (as long as you have some pork backfat or other pork fat to bring the fat content up to about 25-30%. Adding typical bologna spices is a great, personal addition. I like it mildly smoked (1/2 hour to 1 hour) and then vacuum packed and sous vide to finish.
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encapsulated LACTIC acid sounds interesting, where do you get it? I've looked at the usual places I buy from and they don't show it.
jkc64 jkc64 I had to order it from Balchem Industries as an Llc to get a sample pack through a rep. There smallest order is uusually 100 lbs I think.

However, you can get a mix of ELA, ECA, and trehalose, called "Smooth Acid Blend", through Walton's (who I talked into carrying it), or Spokane Spice Co (but their shipping is $20 or so). However, the blend does give a MUCH smoother tang and more accurate simulation of a lactic bacteria ferment, than ECA does. Give it a try, you won't go back!
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