Essential Tools Need vs Want. Long Read.

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Nice write up! Thanks for sharing. I am going to check out the Pig tail flipper...never heard of it before but sounds great
We have three of them in different sizes. One has a small (1/2" hook) which is handy for bacon, hot dogs, etc. Don't remember where we fount that one. Check the ETSY web site for "steak flipper" and a bunch of them will come up. Our bigger ones came from Red Oak Forge on ETSY. Nice people to deal with.
I don't completely agree. I think it will help newbies understand that they don't have to go buy a lot of high dollar items to join the smoking crew.
It's perfectly fine to disagree with me, I was stating my opinion, much like you have done so above. We don't always have to agree with each other, that would get boring quickly. As long as we keep it respectful and civil that is all that really matters.

Have a great week.
Excellent list. Since I have the grill and the smoker, I compared the "wants list" with what I have. I have around 85% of the wants.

For those who are new to all this, I have accumulated a lot of cooking "stuff" over the years, like 20+. When I was Boy Scout leader, I did the cooking for the adults in the troop, then became the chief cook for all of our district events. I also spent 12 years as one of four on the Wood Badge Kitchen Staff for our council.

So don't rush out a get it all at once.

I would add a couple of items to the list - cast iron skillet(s) and cast iron Dutch oven(s). In valuable pieces for cooking.
Yes, a bunch of wants. Too many of have to have's. I've cooked many times with only of few of those items. Several duplicates.

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