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    First, I must give credit to the DDD episode for the inspiration to do these. I used my Texas Hot Link recipe and added jalapenos, ribs & seeds included, to the mix and then wrapped. I guessed at six jalapenos for a five pound batch and it was MORE than enough heat, even for me, so be advised. Wrapping went quick after one or two times and it helped to wet the string when tying. I did one coarse grind and mixed the spices in then let rest overnight. Wrapped them the next day and let rest again overnight. Smoked them in the Smokin It at 250 degrees with Mesquite chips and they took about 4 hours to hit 160 IT. Pulled them and let cool enough to slice for trial samplings with the boys over cold beers. Nice texture, held together well, smelled awesome and plenty of heat. I got 20 wraps out of the 5 pound batch using 5 ounces per wrap. Definitely a keeper to make again with unique eye appeal.....Willie

    5 #’s pork butt
    1 large onion

    6 large jalapenos, seeds and ribs included
    4 tsp crushed red pepper
    4 tsp coarse ground black pepper
    4 tsp fennel seed
    1 Tbl sweet paprika
    2 Tbl smoked paprika
    3 tsp pickling salt
    2 Tbl garlic powder
    1 Tbl onion powder
    1 Tbl cayenne
    1 Tbl coriander
    2 Tbl Franks Red Hot Sauce
    1 tsp pink salt

    Mixed all dry ingredients with about 8 ounces of beer, then added to meat.

    jalapenos were very large

    ground japs & onion through....really cleans the auger

    wrapped and ready....string in middle for those needing 2 husks

    nicely filled one full rack

    finished at 160 IT....husks were crackly but held together

    fairly easy to cut with serrated knife for party serving

    good texture, colorful and fantastic smell.....very pleased with results

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    These look incredible! Fantastic job on this!
  3. kathrynn

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    Those look amazing!  Love the idea of the corn husks too!

    Makes a beautiful "presentation" too!

  4. Those look great and thanks for posting up the recipe. I'll bet these would work for hunting camp - pre made and smoked, then reheat by steaming?
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    Dang nab it that looks great,,,, good job, just out of curiosity how hot was it with seeds and ribs mixed in?? [​IMG][​IMG]  Just did some Jap pepper sticks this weekend but I don't think they would be as hot as yours, Nicely done Willie
  6. chef willie

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    Should work great re-heating like that...or on campfire rocks that are warm. Would be good just outta the cooler with some dipping mustard
    Thx.....I've been looking to hit the right heat level for me and I think this is it. On scale of 1-10 I'd say these were 8.5. Japs were quite large though...maybe 4 per five pound batch instead of the 5 I used so others can eat them. LOL.....I had one guy couldn't handle them, just to hot.
  7. chef willie

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    Thanks Kat...they worked pretty slick, I must say and, to me at this point, almost easier than stuffing casings. With 2 people it would be a snap....
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    Those look incredible. Not only tasty but a great display in the corn husks. I have a party coming up and I may have to try these. Thanks for posting this,

  10. dirtsailor2003

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    Looks great Chef Willie! Since I am going to be in Canby I will be stopping by on Saturday to pick up my share [​IMG] These are going on my to do list!!

  11. chef willie

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    You're welcome....was fun to do actually. They are VERY hot though so be careful....maybe split the batch.
    Hey, if I'm not here the garage is usually open with the extra fridge holding the goodies. 'Fire in the hole' time with these, buddy
  12. dirtsailor2003

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    Willie how long do you have to soak the husks to get them pliable?
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    Hey Chef Willie,

    Wow!  What absolutely gorgeous sausage, and the idea of using husks instead of casings is genious. Did you have any fat render out with your smoker set at 250 deg?  And if so, I'm wondering what would happen if you had wrapped the sausage in masa harina and then the corn husks. Would the masa harina hold in the fat?  Just wondering, might be something I have to try at some point.

    Anyway, love your post.  Thanks for sharing the recipe and a bunch of great pictures!

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    Awesome sausage Willie!!!

      Thanks for sharing!!

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    Oh, on average..about 30 minutes....a longer soak didn't seem to hurt, ran out and had to quick soak some....bag said about 10 minutes, seemed a little short to me but worked.
    Thanks Clarissa....very little fat rendered out, think the husks might have absorbed some like it does water. Not sure about wrapping raw meat in masa and then husks. With cooked meat what you describe is like a tamale, but then smoked instead of steamed. Would be worth a try with some leftovers....may have a few left to xperiment with later. Will let ya know.....
    Thanks Craig...still have Andouille on my list from NOLA site....maybe up next. BTW, great looking house & garden you got going.....you been busy
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    Looks great. I bet they're even good cold on a cracker with some cheese!

    How well does the smoke penetrate the corn husks?
  17. tennsmoker

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    you hit a homerun out of the park on that one, after spending 43 yrs in Texas I got to do this one,

    thanx for sharing the recipe........WOW, corn husk,

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    Willie,  these look outstanding!  I saw the DDD episode you referenced and these were somehting tha peaked my interest.  Now seeing how well you did, I gotta get busy on some of my own.  The Andouille is another great idea.

    Congrats, and keep up the excellent work.
  19. boykjo

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    Looks great Willie....................[​IMG]
  20. chef willie

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    A lot of flavor at room temp for noshing on. Mesquite did well penetrating, not sure about the lighter woods. The smoky smell really permeated the room as well.....you could definitely tell there was smoked meat around.
    Yeah, corn husk...go figure and easy to twist up
    Thx.....u can type in Jalapeno Sausage on the DDD site and the show will come up but his listed recipe seemed really weak so I used mine but stole the idea.
    Thanks...was fun to do and different

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