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  • Hope everything is OK! Haven't seen the package yet. Let me know if I can pay you for something!
    Follow up from 12/10 post looking to see if you still are interested.
    Sorry Ben. I completely forgot.............. I'll get it out this weekend. My buddy JckDanls 07, from florida asked for some
    a few weeks ago and I haven't gotten it out. I'll whip myself and
    get to it this weekend......
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    Not had a problem since back home runs fine. Things are doing ok . I really hope to make it to Scott's this year but have to wait and see. Will stay at a motel if we do come.
    I suggest you get a room or try to sleep in the basement with some cots. Scotts place wont handle a large camper like yours especially if its wet out.
    Not good to follow me I get lost.

    I have a bear roast for the next gathering will be the last unles he goes hunting again.
    sounds good. cant wait. how are things. hows the truck
    Hello Boykjo , new to the site. from Waxhaw NC
    not sure if this is the ight place to ask a question.
    I have a slotted burner in my drum cooker. its been working for years, all of a sudden it started popping and going out.
    I have changed the regulator 3 different times. it will burn for 3 to 4 hours and pop goes out and starts sucking air it sounds like.
    would you have any idea whats going on, Thanks David
    I used to live in Waxhaw just past the bridge on providence rd. off Maplewood road
    David Phillips
    Hello Zippy , not sure the last time you were in Waxhaw
    not the small town it was, its grown leaps and bounds
    getting to big for me.
    Hey Joe,
    Hope all is well! You still selling your Keilbasa seasoning? I'd like to make it again. I got source for some pork butts at 79c a pound that would love to be sausage.

    Thanks Ben
    sure... shoot me your name and address again and how much kielbasa you want to make........
    Sent a follow up, following up. Happy new year!
    i want to manufacture fresh meat jerky for dogs.
    please help me how to dehydrate meat and also what should i do too have 1 year shelf life?
    do i need to add some preservative or nitrogen gas is ok?
    and also the dosage i should use
    thank you
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