stalled temps

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Jan 31, 2011
Winter Park Fl
I'm cooking with WSM 22, cooking temp 225-230, cooking brisket. It seems like every time I take the brisket off at 160-165 to rap the internal temp drops 5 or so degrees and it seems like forever for the temp to get back up to that 160 mark. Then after hrs of cook time when it reaches 180-185 it seems to just stay there. I always thought that temps would stall between 160-170 but once they got past that mark they would continue to rise until the 190-195 mark. I've had this happen on flats as well as whole briskets. I know you can't go by time and only by internal temp but it seems like these cooks have gone well beyond the 1-1.5 hrs per lb. The strange thing is a couple of times when its got to 185 and stayed there I've taken it off to find it dried out. I'm using a maverick ready check dual therm and I've tested it for accuracy. I'm sorry if this question has been discussed before but I've only been on the site for a few days. Thanks Gary
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First thing there is no dumb questions. After all we all were there before. Now a stall is a stall you can't start them and you can't stop them. They have a mind of their own. I would recommend that you go out and buy a gas smoker. I have one and I have never had a brisket stall.... Poop I shouldn't have said that
Mine always seem to stall in the low 140 to low 150 range. Are you being gentle with the meat when you remove it to foil? You don't want to be probing it with meat forks, bending it or slamming it down onto a surface. You need to gently lift it and keep it in the same orientation as it was in the smoker, get it wrapped then gently put it back. Other than that, you may want to smoke one in a shallow foil pan and just cover it when it gets to 160. I've done a few like that and they come out good.
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Thanks I'll give it a try. One other question for now, how doI list what kind of cookers I'm using on my spot. Thanks Gary is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.