First time brisket cook...a couple questions

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What lowering kit did you get?

The official kit! It absolutely works as the grate now reads 0-15f hotter than the left lid gauge. Crazy as hot air doesn’t rise anymore. Haha.

Decided to drill some during the cook. Having more intake control is pretty much a good thing.

Neighbor came by and let me borrow another exhaust stack. Playing around with a tall stack now. No conclusions, but it certainly isn’t hurting.
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Finally rotated the brisket a little. Didn’t feel like I needed to spritz much.

Already had to make a new charcoal bed. I blame myself for using the last 1/3 of the bag.


Pulled it at 199F. 199F is basically 203F up top and 194F down below.

Next time I’ll remove the upward baffle sooner. Didn’t even think to do that. Pretty good though, still removed it in good time.

Planning ahead, I added more tallow, wrapped in foil, and I placed it in an electric smoker. I placed the bottom side down (the 194F side) on the bottom most rack and set it for 150f and will sleep long and good. :)

Should be just right.

Congrats! Good looking brisket cook! With your long hold ahead, I bet it'll be perfect by game time. Thanks for sharing your progress.
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Looks really good from here. Nice job

Point for sure
The flat (bottom side) did not probe as buttery smooth as I would like, but at that point it was 11 hours for me being outside and I was out of fuel. Well, the smoker was out of fuel.

My hope is that 14 hours in the warming oven mitigated that.

Next time I will flip the brisket once I wrap it so that the other side can be in direct heat.

Should be able to see how this went in a couple hours!
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