Smoked Eye Round Deli Style (A Rare Bear Smoke)

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Smoked Eye Round Deli Style Roast Beef

OK—So I finally found some Beef Eye Rounds on sale, so I got 3 of them at about 6 pounds a piece.
My plan was to Sous Vide them and slice them real thin for Deli Roast Beef.

So I did one in my Sous Vide Supreme, and posted it last week.
It made awesome Hot Roast Beef with Gravy Sammies, but I didn’t like the texture sliced thin for Deli Roast Beef.

So since the best Deli type Roast Beef I ever made was a Slow-Smoked Sirloin Tip Roast, I decided to do these two Eye Rounds just like I did that one.

9-18-2018 (Prep Time)
So I removed the two Eye Rounds from the Vacuum sealed bags I had ready for my SV, And Prepped them for Smoking.
I had already removed the Fat & Silver Skin from them, so all I did was Rinse, pat dry, Cover with L&P Bold, CBP, Onion Powder, and Garlic Powder.
Then I put them on a Wire Cooling Rack, both in one Foil Pan, Covered & put in the fridge for an overnight rest.

9-19-2018 (Smoking Time)
9:45 AM————Preheat MES 40 to 225°. Also fill two rows of my AMNPS with Hickory Pellets, and Light one end.
10:30 AM———-Put Meat Pan on Rack #2, and put AMNPS on bottom rack on Right End. Pull Chip Dumper out 3” & Rotate 180°.
12:30 AM———-Sterilize & insert a Meat Probe in each Eye Round. IT was Left-104°/ Right-111°.
1:00 PM———-IT was L-120°/ R-126°.
1:30 PM——-—IT was L-129°/ R-133°.
2:00 PM———-IT was L-136°/ R-138°.
2:15 PM———-IT was L-138°/R-140°. Cut Heat back to 130°.
2:30 PM———-IT was L-140°/R-140°. Kill Heat, but leave Meat in Smoker.
3:00 PM———-IT-140° each. Remove & bring in.

Slice the ends off for Supper. Mrs Bear added Taters Au Gratin & Sugar Snap Peas to our plates.

Cut Smoked Eye Rounds in half, put in container & into Fridge overnight.
Next day put meat in Freezer for 4 hours & slice all Thin like Deli Lunchmeat.
Put in 13 Vac seal bags & put in freezer before sealing to avoid the sucking of the meat juices by my Vac Sealer.
Ended up with 5 pounds of Smoked Roast Beef for Sammies (Coming Soon).

Thanks for stopping by,


Two Eye Rounds seasoned & ready for Smoker:

Through the Looking Glass:

Finished Smoking, separated leftover pellets & Kill Heat to hold for a Rest:

Closer Look:

Brought in---Ready to collect juices from bottom of pan & slice the Ends for Supper:

Bear's Supper--Smoked Roast Beef, Taters Au Gratin, and Sugar Snap Peas:

Freeze for 4 hours before Slicing:

Half Done with slicing:

All Finished Slicing:

Close-up of 5 pounds of Smoked Roast Beef Slices (Deli Style):

13 Bags for Freezer--Then Sealed for Freezing. Green container for next two night's Suppers:

13 Bags sealed for Freezer, totaling 5 pounds:


Wow !! I love it when you smoke stuff. It looks awesome I am going to have to do that one.

Great job my friend

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Holy cow bear, that's a mess of fine looking RB. Set that slicer on shaved and plate me up some.

Point for sure.

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OK, you got me on the lookout for an eye of round sale. Looks yummy.

(P.S. Just learned you used to have a cabinet shop. I did too, until a few years ago when my helper moved to greener pastures and 4x8 sheets of ply got too heavy.)
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Wow !! I love it when you smoke stuff. It looks awesome I am going to have to do that one.

Great job my friend


Thank You Gary!!
And Thanks for the Like.


Good looking stuff Bear! This is basically what I am doing tonight for supper!

Thanks Tom!!
And for the Like too.

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