Pork Loin Rib Roast With Q-View

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  1. I found this baby on sale yesterday at WD and it looked like a good project. The plan is to smoke it to 140* IT and then let it rest for about an hour in a cooler, then slice the chops out and sear them in a HOT cast iron skillet to finish them off with a nice crust. Any suggestions are welcome.

    Here is the roast


    Got it trimmed up and frenched the bones


    another view


    Got the bones cleaned up a little better and then got it seasoned with SPOG and some rosemary and thyme


    The weather is supposed to turn nasty about 1:00 PM today, so I might have to move the smoker inside the garage to be able to cook. Gonna be interesting.
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  2. boykjo

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    Looks like a great start... Hope all goes well

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    That's a nice looking roast!
  5. I've got some fresh brussel sprouts and baby carrots ready to go as well. Gonna put them in the smoker under the pork roast for about an hour and then cover with foil and finish them off in the oven until the brussel sprouts are tender. This should go well with the Garlic mashed potatoes .


    3:00 PM is go time. I will post more pics as I go along.
  6. I am a little behind schedule, but not a problem. Veggies in and the pork has been in 1 hour 15 min.

  7. Pulled the roast at 140* IT a sliced it into chops. The rain stopped long enough to use the burner on the grill to sear them. Turned out very juicy and had a nice smoke ring.




    I will do these again
  8. Now that looks good!!!  Very pretty smoke ring and I bet taste as good as they look.
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    Good looking roast
  10.       Thanks, they did taste great. This will go into the rotation for sure.

  11. that looks so good! I'll be returning to this for reference when I do that . .  thanks for sharing
  12.      Thanks! It was kind of a nice change from same old stuff.
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    It looks like a great meal well done.now let me go and wipe my keyboard[​IMG]
  14. Great looking plate of food and a great idea! Thanks.
  15.      Thanks, It was really good.

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    Can't get one that good in a restaurant.  Looks very good.
  17. That's a beauty. Great looking meal.
  18.      Thanks, If you could, you wouldn't want to pay for it.


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