Meat Grinder Issues

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May 6, 2024
Fort Myers Area , Florida
Hi, I just purchased a Weston Pro #22. I purchased this to make raw dog food for my Akita. I got it all together and ground about 10lbs of chicken quarters bone and all which where chopped into smaller peices. I noticed a few things that make me question the safety of this.

I noticed while grinding there was some grayish/black meat and when cleaning the machine when I took the auger out I noticed there was a long thin metal shaving in the left over meat around the die and the knife. I'm not sure where that came from. I also noticed there is a section close to the tip of the auger that feels rough now. I'm not sure if that metal shaving came from the auger but the machine is supposed to handle chicken bones. Can anyone please advise?

Thanks in advance.
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In my limited experience until a grinder gets broken in fairly well there will often be a little gray ooze extruded around where the auger sits in the plate/die. It happened with my Kitchen Aide attachment, the first dedicated grinder I ever bought, and with my current grinder.

Metal shaving, not so much.
My thought is it's oil mixed with some meat. Did you heavily lubricate the auger, knife and plate before using?
Look at the back of the auger where it goes into the motor (thrust bearing)... The flat side that pushes up against the motor and rides there.. that needs lube as well...
I wouldn't be doing bones either despite its description. You will be constantly sharpening blades/plates or replacing them.
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If you are getting grey looking stuff on the grinder plate where the auger goes through it, it is likely do to the high torsion pressure sideways on the auger from the bones pushing the auger with high pressure inside the grinder plate.

As long as you choose to grind bones, you can expect this to happen.
Side note- Fat that is too cold (below about 27*F) will do the exact same thing from too much torsion pressure on the auger.

The meat was in the freezer about a hour so it wasn't even completely frozen. I guess it must be due to the bones. I'm going to pick up that lube for the washer and some silicone spray for the head, plate, and knife. Hopefully that fixes everything but I feel like this was super easy to screw up and I'm worried about the rough spot in the auger and the metal shard I found when I was disassembling for cleaning. I certainly don't want myself, my family, or my dog eating metal bits. Not sure if I should replace the parts or leave them be or just send the whole thing back.
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