French Onion Stuffed Pork loin smoked and Hassleback potatoes and stuffed sweet peppers

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Jan 27, 2021
Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia ,Canada
French Onion Stuffed Pork loin smoked and Hassleback potatoes and stuffed sweet peppers

Made up my menu on Friday and then noticed 2 Hassleback chicken meals posted. Ha Ha oh well.

Pulled out a small pork loin and butterflied it , pounded it kind of even . I have showed this before so no sence again.
Made an oil rub of salt , pepper, Italian seasoning mixed and rubbed both sides of the loin and into the fridge for couple
hours while I cook up some bacon and LOTS of onions.
The sweating and frying of the onions is the same process is if I was doing French onion soup. Long and low.


pull the pork out and later the full strips of cooked bacon, onions and lots of Mozza Cheese.


Roll her up and tie her down . off to the smoker . Set at 225 with cherry chips and chunks.


While that is sucking up some good smoke , I start to get the potatoes ready and mix up the cream cheese and items for the sweet pepper poppers
I had a little left over bacon that was already cooked ( you will see later that the edges cooked up almost too much in the potatoes. ).
In the peppers I also pulled out a little pulled pork and diced up very small to add with the green onions and cheddar cheese to the cream cheese

In the Hassleback I added bacon, onions and mozza cheese in the cuts.
In the peppers i topped the cheese mix with a little cheddar and then topped with melted butter and bread crumb mix. It is a great topping to the poppers
7.JPG 10.JPG

In the smoker the loin is doing well and My INKBIRD is keeping a good eye on it for me . But I still had to peek.


Up to temp as my alarm told me to pull at 145 deg. brought it in and topped with mozza and the saved caramelized onions from earlier. And into the oven after the spuds and peppers came out. Put in with the final run for the spuds with a topping of cheese on them also.



Everything ready and coming out fast, lol, Let the loin rest for 8 minutes , I was told it seemed like forever. Sliced up and stand back.


17.JPG 20.JPG


I was finally allowed in to get my supper. I like the end cuts, so I got 1 . Couple peppers and a big Hassleback Potato




This was very good and if you were not sure, YES I love onions and Cheese.

Thanks for making it to the end. Was fun to do and the Loin was very moist and tasty and the spuds full of flavour. Mona said she wanted sour cream, Yes Dear.

Thanks everyone . Dinner is over



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Looks real good David. I'd be up there in a heartbeat joining ya if I could.

Point for sure
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Awh, David is back after it. Very nice work sir. Looks fantastic.

Thanks Eric for the like and the comment.

Yes one of my bigger smoking days for a while now. Just trying to back in the full swing of it .
After a shitty few months.

This was a very nice flavoured stuffed loin. I love a good French Onion Soup, and of coarse also
because of all the onions and melted cheese. And this meal was right up there for those reasons.

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Looks fantastic. Where does the line start for a plate?

Thanks Doug for the like and the comment

It was a good meal and the seasoning and oil mix on the loin was very good,
One of the juicer loins I have done in a while. Not that the others were dry,
this one was just really noticeable in the juicy category, lol

As for the line up. anywhere at all, house is always open to hungry folks. So step right up. :emoji_sunglasses:

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Looks real good David. I'd be up there in a heartbeat joining ya if I could.

Point for sure

Thanks Chris for the like and the comment

It was tasty for sure. Make it if you can, lol.
The ladies just eat like birds lately so lots of leftovers for tonight's supper for me. all me , sorry I mean whoever.

Dang son! It might be worth sneaking over the border for a plate. Looks mighty good!


Thanks Jim for the like and the comment

It was a very nice meal, and the Bird ladies did not eat much, ha ha
So there is still lots for tonight's supper, so if you can get by the border patrol. Come on in :emoji_sunglasses::emoji_sunglasses:

Yum. I love long sweated caramelized onions. If that was half as good as it looks it had to be stellar.
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Man David just a beautiful meal! Beautiful pics too,magazine worthy. I need to do a few sweet pepper poppers for my brother next time I do jalapeno poppers. He's a zero heat guy.
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