Peach pulled pork

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Apr 30, 2018
So, here today's smoke.
Couple things of peach iced tea.
I chose 2 different ones on purpose. Possible different flavor profiles.
Fresh peaches. Slightly overripe is ok for me. Figure they are already turning to mush. But I had good ones.
I let it sit in the fridge for 48 hours.
Then I used some peach rub.
I Amazoned some heath riles.

After the rub, I placed the peaches from the marinade on the Boston butt, hell, why not, I can't eat them now after being contaminated by the raw pork,
Then because THERE NO RULES for que, I put the rub on the peaches.

Then I also injected some of the left over tea into the butt.
Will it be any good. Who knows! But who cares I am eating pulled pork for dinner either way!
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Binford 6100

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Apr 30, 2018
Servered with peach coleslaw, basic slaw with purple and green cabbage, and some white flesh peaches and some mint leaves mixed in for some freshness.

made a finishing sauce with 1 cup of peach tea and some of the peach rub.


Once i got the first sandwich down i went full monty with some nice yellow peaches on top of the slaw. Damn that was good.

So all in all, was it a success? Yes. The wife and I liked it alot, the pulled pork did carry a sweetness to it that I don't always get.
A very light sweetness.
Did it taste like peach, no, that I can pick up on.
The rub was good.
The overall combination is a win for sure.
The purpose of the using the white peach in the peach slaw, was to keep the slaw mild.

If I were to try something like it again...
I'd use the rub. Then do what I normally do for a regular smoke.
Then use the peach slaw with some nice and ripe yellow peachs and call it a day.

I want to mess around with a peach glaze, or homemade peach bbq sauce. Pull the pork, and drizzle on your peach glaze and call it a day.

Happy smoking guys!
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Sep 12, 2009
Macungie, PA
Looks Mighty Tasty from the Den!!
And Bears Love Peaches & Pork!!



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Dec 14, 2013
OFallon Mo.
It all looks fantastic . Those sandwiches got a triple take from me . Nice work on everything .
Really nice work and a great post .

I want to mess around with a peach glaze, or homemade peach bbq sauce. Pull the pork, and drizzle on your peach glaze and call it a day.
I don't want to slop up your thread with my pics , but here's the ingredients from a glaze I did for a double smoked cured pork loin . You could use peach preserves instead and add what you're good with .
I do it all by taste . I surprised myself how good it was .
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