Nice tasting beef roast

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Sep 17, 2015
Been a while since my last post. My cheese smoking adventure is going great.
So this past weekend I picked up a 3.75 beef eye of round roast to smoke. Weather was cold but I need my fix.
Trimmed off more of the fat. Not a lot to deal with.
Then I used Jeff's Texas Rub and used my food saver and sealed it up for about 2 days.
Day of the smoke. Using my AMNPS. I filled it full of maple pellets. Got my mes up to 220. After about 45 minutes I fired up the AMNPS and let it go for 10 minutes. Put the meat in and let it go. After about 2 1/2 hours I slowly increased the temp by 10 degrees for about 1 hour of that. The meat inner temp hit about 130. At that point I cranked the unit to 275 and started the BBQ sauce.
When the meat hit 140. I basted it again. Let it go till it hit 145 and pulled it. Now while I was putting the sauce on I left the smoke going.
Looks awesome. When I cut into it. It was a medium rare.
Hard to tell from pic. But it came out great. Little too bloody for my girlfriends taste but she still loved it.
Tender and flavorful. The combo of maple smoke,rub and sauce did it. Dinner was great. Put a chunk of it on my meat slicer and made subs using the smoked cheese I did earlier in January. Best subs I think I have made so far.
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