Mother's Day Smoke

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  1. Started out with a rack of spareribs rubbed with Jeff's rub the night before, they went into the smoker about 1:30 doing the 2, 2 & 1, then I wanted to try something different for a fattie, so I got 6 flounder fillets put them in a gallon bag and used my rubber mallet to flatten them, they did not get totally square but were close enough, then I mixed some lump crabmeat with a dollop of mayo, some bread crumbs to bind and a bit of old bay seasoning and kind of made a log in the middle of the flounder and then some asparagus on each side and rolled it all up. I did find that the waxed paper reacted to the fish and started to stick to the fish and fall apart but was able to get it rolled enough to put in the plastic wrap and really tighten it up, chilled it for a while and then the bacon weave, wrapped and rolled and chilled, made SQWIBS mac & cheese number 3 recipe without the bacon or parmesan (Tks) and it and the fattie went in the smoker at about 4:30, smoker was running at about 250 and at 5:30 unwrapped the ribs and coated the top with orange marmalade and back in for an hour, they are tasty sticky ribs, sweet and then the rub creeps in with some heat. everything out at about 6:20 and a good time was had by all

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    Nice Job! The Fish Fattie sounds great...JJ
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  3. dirtsailor2003

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    Like that fish fatty! The rest of your meal looks great too. Nice smoke!
  4. Well I don't know which part is most impressive - the beautiful family shot, the creative fish fattie, or the perfectly "mouthwatering" looking ribs! You took Mother's Day to epic heights thus and it all looks sensational! Great job! Cheers! - Leah
  5. yotzee

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    So tell us, how did the fish fattie turn out?  Did the flavor meet your expectations?
  6. dougmays

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    Fish Fatty?! that looks amazing, great idea!
  7. Yotzee, the fish fattie turned out great, might use a bit more old bay in the crab next time, just eyeballed it, did not want to over power the crab, fish was flaky, asparagus was cooked but not mushy, wife said best fattie I've done

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