Asiago rosemary sourdough .

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Dec 14, 2013
OFallon Mo.
Did this to go with the prime rib last Sunday . First time doing add ins . Won't be the last . The asiago and rosemary go great together , Smelled great while baking .

I've been mixing my dough ahead and putting it in the fridge like I do my pizza dough . Maybe not the traditional way to do it , but I'm getting it dialed in to what works for me .

So I bought 3 of these containers , and only use them for dough .
This is after 5 days in the fridge .
I just kind of went with the amounts and what to do . Might be a better way .
Rolled out .
Busted up some rosemary ,
Then added some cubes ,
and added some rosemary .
Folded it in on itself , and decided to go with shreds .
I kept pulling and adding until it got small enough to shape .
Then put it in a floured proofing bowl and let it rise on the counter .
I went into the fridge a couple hours before the oven . Scores better I think .
Just better results starting cold in my opinion .
Baked 30 minutes @ 450 lid on , then removed lid spritz with some water . Turned oven down to 400 .
After the 30 .
When almost finished I put some shredded cheese on top .
Maybe should have done that sooner so it was darker .
Great flavor in this one . The big hole is from cubes of cheese .
Nice crust and chew also . Good stuff .
I have 2 more of the plastic tubs in the fridge .
I did some rolls and pretzels with another batch I had that was at 7 days .
The rolls are really good .

The pretzels were good too , but I like my regular pretzel dough better .
The taste and texture was good on these , just more crunch on the surface .
Tried some bagels yesterday . Not the best . Way to tough .

Took the day off today ( from anything sourdough )
but thinking about the 2 I still have in the fridge .
It all looks good Rich! You're gonna be able to supply the neighborhood with bread pretty soon!

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Nice Job Rich. It looks fantastic.

Point for sure
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It all looks good Rich!
Thanks Ryan . It's so addicting .
Nice looking piles of transformed flour and water flour!!!
Thanks . I really liked the asiago and rosemary on this . I also added 2 tsp of nutritional yeast to the mix . I can't tell the effects of that since I added the cheese , but I have one fermenting that just has the yeast . Might bake it tomorrow .
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Nice Job Rich. It looks fantastic.
Thanks . Getting it dialed in pretty good .
Nice to have help on speed dial too .
looks good sour dough pizza, sound amazing.
I've done a couple pizzas . I like the 00 flour better for that . This is to much hydration for pizza .
It's a fight to get it off the peel , then it wants to stick to the stone . Out of 4 tries , I had two come out , and two stuck to the point they were trash .
Had great chew .

Man, looks great. Nice work
Thanks for looking . I appreciate it .
All is jamming nice.
I sure appreciate the info and direction .
That asiago and rosemary is a winner .
Thanks again .
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Sounds like you are up to your ears in sourdough and going to have to eat your way out, nice work Rich. Kind of inspiring, I might try adding some cheese after the first rise, during the stretch, see how it goes. RAY
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Sounds like you are up to your ears in sourdough
Exactly . I got another tub out this morning . Been in there 9 days . Lol .
Might try pepperoni and motz . It's only half . Used the other half fot the bagel fail .
I watched some video yesterday of the bowl you have . That thing is cool .
I can smell the fresh bread baking on this side of the screen. Very nice!
Only one hour and 37 minutes east of you . Wind blows right you might smell it .
Thanks for the comment .
Looks mighty good from here. Betting your house smelled great.
Thanks . It sure did . That asiago was a good funky smell to it , and the rosemary is killer in there .
Sounds like you're about ready .
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Oh man. All looks so good. I like how you keep simplifying it. Gives me a chance to get into it.
FYI wife is absolutely nuts for "everything bagel" seasoning and has tried TONS and the last she tried we her fave and I agree. Perfectly balanced and salt spot on. Einstein Brothers.
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Uh-oh . I feed my starters and put them in the fridge . These have been in there for just under 2 weeks . Got them out about an hour ago and forgot to put them back in .
They were both at the rubber bands when I took them out .
All looks so good. I like how you keep simplifying it .
Thanks bud . Might not be textbook for sourdough , but it works and it's ready when I am .
I just put a pepperoni motz roll up in the oven . I have one more batch in the fridge I'll use this weekend , then I'm done for a bit .

. Einstein Brothers.
Yeah , good stuff . They still have a few here . I haven't seen the seasoning though . This was clover valley . I told you I use Canadian steak seasoning on toast and bagels .
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