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Let’s see the dogs!

Discussion in 'Blowing Smoke Around the Smoker.' started by motolife313, Feb 27, 2019.

  1. Xrstos

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  2. Xrstos

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    JJ and Mookie my 2 crazy cattle dogs

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  3. HowlingDog

    HowlingDog Smoke Blower

    The eyes on the Brown one are telling you something: "Take the picture already... I wanna go play in the water so'more!!" Cute pups!
  4. Inkbirdbbq

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  5. Kiwi Smoke

    Kiwi Smoke Fire Starter

    Very sad day for my family yesterday, we had to put our much loved friend to sleep after a sudden illness.
    As many of you would understand he was much more than just a pet he was truly part of our family.
    RIP Wolf we will miss you and remember you.
  6. chopsaw

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    That's to bad ,,, surprise end is the worst .
  7. chef jimmyj

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    I give you Rescue Dog folks credit. My first Pound Puppy a Springer Mix was the greatest dog I have ever owned. Never a problem and even took up Baby sitting each of our newborns. Spent nights under the crib, if the baby stirred, Britney would run to our room and wake my Wife. We didn't even need the electronic monitor. Two rescues after that had issues. One chewed EVERYTHING! It seemed the higher the value the more damage she did. The third and last rescue was great for a year. Well trained and listened, but this past fall, Tank, a Pit Boxer mix, Lost His Mind! He started biting visitors, completely unprovoked. He drew blood on a delivery guys leg and left bleeding teeth marks in a visiting nurses FACE, along her jaw. Tank, snapped at her arm then reared up and bit her face, out of the blue.The final straw was he repeatedly bit, shook and drew blood on his Best Buddy, our first Beagle that Tank helped raise from a Pup! We could not have a 110 pounds of unpredictable in the house. It hurt to put Tank down but there was no way we could risk loosing the Beagle or getting sued...JJ
  8. chopsaw

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    The male in post 79 was a rescue . He was taken from a breeder at 1 and a half years old . Weighed 43 pounds at that time . All the hair was gone off his hind quarter and tail . I was asked to take him in , after he had been brought back to health . Went to meet him , had my worries . That dog took to my kids like I have never seen in my life . He came home with us . This was 20 years ago , and he's long been gone . Something to be said for a bad life turned good .
    We gave him a good go , and he never stopped repaying us .
    Picture 429.jpg Picture 430.jpg
    Always movin , and watchin the kids .
    Picture 435.jpg
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  9. newbrian

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  10. Dantij

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    Boxer for sale!!

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  11. Gretchen

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  12. HowlingDog

    HowlingDog Smoke Blower

    So Sorry for your loss KiwiSmoke. That is a very difficult decision, but I always think of the pup first and it may be best for them..... I have had to make the decision more times than I like, and the first few days are the hardest. You have good memories and hopefully lots of pictures. Our pup Callie is sending a hug your way.
  13. HowlingDog

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  14. HowlingDog

    HowlingDog Smoke Blower

    I volunteered for a Shepherd rescue for years and even helped start one. I found that the rescues know they found a good home and do repay the kindness with love and affection.
  15. Kiwi Smoke

    Kiwi Smoke Fire Starter

    Thank for your kind words HD its much appreciated.
    Cheers Pete
  16. Layla was a Hurricane Katrina refugee as a pup in 2005. She is a Lab - German short hair mix, and will be 14 this year. Sweetest, and most loving and loyal dog I have ever had. Layla is one tough girl. She has survived eating a bag of rat poison, a bite to the face from a Water Moccasin, and ACL surgery. Amazing how willing you are to spend whatever it takes to save the life of an animal that loves you unconditionally. She is losing her hearing, and is slow to get up and down now, but never fails to meet us at the door to welcome us home, and still follows us from room to room just to be close. Hoping we have another good couple of years with this sweet lady.

    IMG_0700.JPG IMG_0701.JPG IMG_0086.JPG
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  17. sandyut

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    Such a SWEETIE! you are lucky to have each other.