I guess he's a mind reader too .

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Dec 14, 2013
OFallon Mo.
On top of everything else Rick BGKYSmoker BGKYSmoker knows or does , now he's a mind reader .
No shit , true story .
I'm standing in the kitchen , hungry , watching the early football game , needing a snack .
I love me some pistachios , but they're down in my shop . I don't eat them upstairs because of the mess .
So I figure I'll just do without . Doorbell rings , and it's the mail gal , ( she's cool . Always a big smile ) hands me a box and says " Go Texans "
I'm thinking , what the heck is this ,,, then I see the name from the sender .
Open it up to find this ,
Already being put to good use !
This thing is awesome . I mean freakin' perfect for this . So weird how it all came down , I mean I was wishing I had something to use for the nuts , and " Ding Dong " there it was . Exact moment .
This will be filled and kept next to my chair in the great room .
Rick , thanks so much bud .
That's pretty cool Rich. I eat 2lbs of pistachios a week, just can't help myself. I actually forgot to get some today while shopping and I just finished the last of them, I now have an issue!
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I lied... found some stragglers in the bottom!


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What’s the choice in the glass?
Just Busch light .
Absolutely love that container.
it's perfect . So useful , and keeps it all contained and stored .
I eat 2lbs of pistachios a week,
Me too . Can't stop when I get started .
this was perfect for you.
It is . 100% love it .
Very cool story too with the timing and all....
Keith , I was standing there thinking what the heck just happened . Had me looking over my shoulder . Lol .
I thought how nice it'd be to have a million bucks ,,,,, nothing happened .
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