My Burger Brawl Entry If I Could Enter: Full-On Mexican (Pics)

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Robert not only am I with Traci in that I could eat burgers 5 days a week I could eat THAT burger 5 days and be good with it. Nice work
Wow, that's a heck of a compliment Jeff, especially coming from a man with your amazing coking skills. Thank you. Now lets see you make 450 of them :emoji_laughing:

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Looks good Robert, big flavor burst with that burger, not boring when that is the main item for your plate.
Thank you David!! The flavor aspect certainly was not boring but the visual didn't bring much to the table.

Ok Robert, I got to level with you…… isn’t that just a taco salad? LOL
Yep, that's all it is, just a Taco Bell salad :emoji_laughing:
Reminds me of the Taco Bell Mexican pizza
Hey now, all the Mexican meals I do are inspired by my frequent trips to Taco Bell. They rock!! (NOT!!)

That looks like something I would make. and very good.
Very much appreciate it Chris. It was a very good burger. Wouldn't have held a candle to the Brawl entries but it was certainly worth the effort.

Yep, that's all it is, just a Taco Bell salad :emoji_laughing:

Hey now, all the Mexican meals I do are inspired by my frequent trips to Taco Bell. They rock!! (NOT!!)

Well it’s a good thing you have a better inspiration than the local TB, cause they could learn a thing or two! Or 300!!

Nice work all around and the ask for your efforts as well as the other committee members on the TDs!
How did you manage to do that?

First off got some garlic scapes at the farmers market. Chopped some up and put in tater salad. They where really chewy and weird texture. Could not eat it. Than I used the Inkbird Controller on WSM. It just kept going between 100% fan and 0. Would stoke the fire than get to hot and choke it off than get to cold. Caused bad smoke! The fan starts at 0 and by the time it gets up the fire choked off and has to go to 100. If it would start at 50% I think it would work. Anyhow I am done with it. The Guru works perfectly! Guys on river where expecting BBQ Sunday.
This would probably by my entry picture.
That's out of the park, Robert!! Well executed, my friend!
The title is a bit of a misnomer being that I'm not allowed to enter...but if I could, this would have been my entry. Feelings about burgers are a mixed bag around here. I like a good burger once in a while but Tracy could eat them 5 days a week and not get tired of them. It's about her favorite food on the planet and truth be told, I was pretty much burnt out with them and cringed every time she asked for them. Thing is that she's so supportive of all my interests it's only fair to suffer through burgers if it makes her happy. Last week I got to cringe again when she asked for them. Being the obedient and well trained husband, I started getting stuff together. Oops!! We only have 1 burger bun. Looked in the pantry to see what else was available. Nope, not gonna do them on bread because it'd just turn to mush. The thought of a burger on a cinnamon raisin bagel wasn't very appealing either. Then I saw the charras. Hmmm...the cogs started turning. Told her what I had in mind for mine and she asked me to toss the one bun and do hers the same way.

All the major players. That's cream cheese on the bottom right.
View attachment 665542

Burgers seasoned and on the grill.
View attachment 665543

Spread a nice layer of refried beans on two of the charras.
View attachment 665544

Flip the burgers and season the other side.
View attachment 665545

Add the cream cheese and jalapenos.
View attachment 665546

When the cream cheese softens a bit they go onto the charras with the beans, on a cookie sheet, and on the top rack of the grill.
View attachment 665547

Add tomatoes and onions to the burger like you would a taco, then fresh guac on the lid. This would probably by my entry picture.
View attachment 665548

Plated and out to the patio. Served with tortilla chips and some sour cream. Kind of a boring looking plate though.
View attachment 665549

Possibly 2nd choice for the entry pic.
View attachment 665550

One huge mess but a perfectly cooked burger.
View attachment 665551

This may sound like a bizarre combination of ingredients but it worked...beautifully. The beans added a texture and flavor component that really brought a lot to the party. The flavor combination of the cream cheese and jalapenos was simply magical. Rich, smooth, creamy cheese balanced splendidly with the twang of the peppers. What's not to love about fresh guac? The crunch of the charra is hands down preferred over a soft bun. Both of us loved it. This one was a true game changer. Now I no longer dread the thought of a burger. Matter of fact, I'm looking forward to doing these again real soon. Hey Brian ( BrianGSDTexoma BrianGSDTexoma ) are you watching my friend? I'm taking bets on how long it'll be before you make these :emoji_laughing: I have tostadas also and will probably use them next time because they are a little smaller than the charras and the burger would fit better. Still in all though, an excellent burger.

My first food related post in ages and it's a burger. Whodathunk it?

I like it a lot being from Canada what kind of Mexican, spice did you use.

Thanks Hank
I like it a lot being from Canada what kind of Mexican, spice did you use.
It's just a blend of Mexican peppers I put together a while ago. We do a LOT of Mexican food around here and I got tired of getting 12 different things out to create a flavor profile I was looking for so just put together a combination of stuff that is rich, nicely balanced, and very flavorful.

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