I know this is a meat oriented site BUT now I'm paranoid about left over rice!

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I've had Montazuma's revenge and want to steer clear of ANYTHING that might cause it again.
Nothing quite like sitting on the pot with the squirts and having to hold a trash can to puke in, and doing both at the same time.
Talk about a weight loss program!
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Same with fully cooked baked potatoes wrapped in foil from a restaurant taken home and left on the counter is a risk for Clostridium Botulinum from dirt the pathogen lives in, in an anaerobic environment. Other than Norovirus, being the most common foodbourne pathogen for food poisoning Clostridiiun Perfringens is probably the most common anaerobic spore former foodbourne pathogen, causing food poisoning. The three spore formers that don't die in acidic environments like vinegar or boiling water and wait to turn vegetative and grow, producing their toxin that cause their disease turn vegetative in anareobic cool soups, cooked cooled damp packed room temp rice etc. All other foodbourne pathogens that their disease is the organism is dead to never return after cooking until you put poop on it where these pathogens originate in our food. Spoilage bacteria, yeasts, molds and fungus do not cause foodbourne illnesses and they eat what we eat and produce waste you see, smell and taste that'll make you gag, puke from a sweet viscus liquid called milk and turn it chunky, putrid and awful tasting. Spoilage pathogens don't cause a foodbourne illness vs a foodbourne pathogen that is invisible, odorless and tasteless at high dangerous levels. If you smell your food you are checking for trivial spoilage pathogens and tells you to throw it away when you see fuzz, smell it and taste it being off and they grow at low temps in the fridge whereby the three spore formers and the other foodbourne pathogens need a little warmer temps other than Listeria and maybe another that can slowly grow at almost freezing. I as well as others many years ago got food poisoning from chxn and dumpling soup. The batch made by my BIL was cooked, then slowly cooled in a garage that was above 40* in November and hauled the next day 3 hours for Thanksgiving dinner. This would be one or two of the three undead spore formers of Bacillus Cereus and or Clostridium Perfringens. That boiling didn't kill them. There wasn't even enough time for spoilage pathogens to re contaminate and grow that you see, smell or taste. After you properly cook something, it's all about the three spores folks that may or may not be in your prepared foods. That's why those of us that Sous Vide always have an ice water bath in the fridge to quickly cool vac sealed anaerobic bags if not opening right away to finish for service. Those quickly cooled sealed vac bags are now fridge stable for 28 days below 38* and up to 90 days below 37*. When you properly cook something (prepared foods not intact whole muscle meat) never forget about the 3 spores. It's these three bastards that sealed cans have to be pressure heated to 15psi to get to 250* without boiling for 20 minutes and slowly cooled to kill them which means sterilization.
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