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Discussion in 'Pork' started by SmokinAl, Oct 18, 2016.

  1. SmokinAl

    SmokinAl SMF Hall of Fame Pitmaster Staff Member Moderator OTBS Member ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    After seeing MossyMo's thread with PP on a pretzel bun. I asked Judy if she thought she could bake some pretzel buns.

    She said yes & I had a butt in the freezer, so the adventure begins. I have always smoked butt's at 210-225 for 18-20 hours.

    But after my success with the hot & fast brisket on the Lang, I knew I had to try that with a butt. Here's what I started with.

    There really wasn't much trimming to do, just a little here & there.

    I just rubbed it down & got the Lang fired up.

    The next thing on my list is a spotlight out in back so I don't have to wear the light on my head.

    There she is ready to go. I had some scraps left over from a bacon slicing session & put them on the top rack.

    Thought it would give the butt a little flavor boost.

    Six hours in & the IT is 162. The Lang has been right at 280 all morning.

    Time for Judy to make the buns. She just followed a recipe from King Arthur.


    Here they are ready for the spa treatment.

    Thirty seconds on one side.


    And thirty seconds on the other side.

    Then onto a baking sheet. Make a slice in each one & add a sprinkle of sea salt.

    Note to self: Next time make the slices a little deeper. I was the cutter & we both thought the slices weren't deep enough.

    Here they are straight out of the oven. I can't believe how good these things were.

    They taste just like a soft pretzel, chewy & delicious!

    OK back to the butt. It is at the 9 hour mark & the IT is 192.

    Were getting hungry, so to speed things up I put it in a foil pan with a little apple juice, covered it & back into the smoker.

    It hit 203 in about 1 hour, so the total time was 10 hours.

    As you can see the bone pulled out clean.

    I prefer to pull the pork by hand, that way if there is any un-rendered fat I can just get it out.

    I really don't like taking a bite & getting a big hunk of fat, but that's just me.

    All pulled & ready for the finishing sauce.  We like SoFla Q'uers, been using it for years.

    There are several good one's out there. Chef Jimmy J has a good one too.

    A little squirt of finishing sauce & a good toss.

    And it's ready for those awesome pretzel buns!

    Judy likes hers plain, no BBQ sauce or slaw. She took a bite before I could get a photo.

    I like BBQ sauce on mine, sometimes slaw too. We didn't have any slaw, so it's just BBQ sauce this time.

    Two things about this smoke stand out.

    Number one is Judy's pretzel buns were amazing!!!

    Number two is smoking a butt at 280 will be the way I do it from here on.

    This is by far the best PP that I have ever made.

    The meat had the perfect texture, flavor, juiciness, & the perfect amount of smoke flavor.

    And I didn't have to do an all night smoke.

    I think it may be the time to sell my WSM's & BBQ Guru setup.

    Thanks for looking folks!

  2. xray

    xray Master of the Pit

    Al, that looks absolutely delicious! Now I'm starving looking at that PP sandwich first thing in the morning.

    When you said you are going to smoke butts like this from now on, are you going to foil that last hour or at 190 IT? Or was that only due to time constraints? Either way, it's awesome
  3. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Epic Pitmaster OTBS Member

    Looks great Al! Will have to give those buns a try!
  4. Bearcarver

    Bearcarver SMF Hall of Fame Pitmaster Group Lead OTBS Member

    Looks Awesome Al !![​IMG]----[​IMG]

    Mighty Tasty!![​IMG]

    Nice Sammy![​IMG]

    And that mouth full of Fat thing??---It's not "Just You".[​IMG]

  5. fwismoker

    fwismoker Master of the Pit

    You had me at pretzel bun! lol

    Nice cook Al!
  6. smokin kat

    smokin kat Fire Starter

    DANG that looks good!!!   Thanks for sharing your method, and for the link to the bun recipe, too!  
  7. SFLsmkr1

    SFLsmkr1 Legendary Pitmaster Staff Member Moderator Group Lead OTBS Member ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    Holy pretzel buns batman.

    Those look freakin AWESOME

  8. Bummed

    Bummed Meat Mopper

    Looks amazing as usual, I'll definitely give the higher temperature a try next time!

    Got to give those pretzel buns a try too!
  9. SmokinAl

    SmokinAl SMF Hall of Fame Pitmaster Staff Member Moderator OTBS Member ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    Thanks Xray,

    It was not my intention to foil the butt, however we were getting hungry, so I reluctantly foiled it.

    But next time it will be without foil. We like the thick bark & foiling kinda softens it up.

    Thanks Case!

    The buns were the star of the show!

    Thanks Bear!

    I appreciate it my friend!

    Thanks Kat!

    You have to try the buns, they are unbelievable, and Judy said they were easier than the french bread rolls she usually makes.

    Thanks Rick!

    I appreciate it buddy!

  10. SmokinAl

    SmokinAl SMF Hall of Fame Pitmaster Staff Member Moderator OTBS Member ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    Thanks a lot fellas!

  11. redheelerdog

    redheelerdog Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    Looks really great Al, I might have to try that myself. Looks delicious

    I am going to try the bun recipe too. Thanks for the great post!

  12. tropics

    tropics Epic Pitmaster OTBS Member ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    Al sorry I must not have hit submit yesterday Great post the whole meal looks great Points heading your way.

  13. pc farmer

    pc farmer Epic Pitmaster Staff Member Moderator OTBS Member ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    Wow. Love them buns. Gonna have to try them. I am not a baker by any means.
  14. smokin jay

    smokin jay Smoking Fanatic

    Everything looks fantastic Al!
  15. bena

    bena Meat Mopper

    Man nice job - love the Pretzel bread - gonna try that.  Points!
  16. sauced

    sauced Master of the Pit

    Man Al......you hit yet another home run!!

    That fantastic PP with those incredible pretzel buns.......WOW!!!

    Points again!!

  17. seenred

    seenred Legendary Pitmaster Group Lead OTBS Member

    Looks terrific...way to go Al and Judy!  Point!

  18. bmudd14474

    bmudd14474 Legendary Pitmaster Staff Member Administrator Group Lead OTBS Member ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    Last edited: Oct 19, 2016
  19. mike w

    mike w Smoking Fanatic

    Great qview and thanks for the bun recipe link!
  20. noboundaries

    noboundaries Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    POINTS!  POINTS!  POINTS!  What a fantastic thread Al!  Definitely adding those pretzel buns to my 'must try' list. 

    Glad to hear we have another hot 'n fast convert in our midst.